nmorris1 18:15 29 Oct 2010

I went through a laptop PC order on their web site. The web site was claiming 5-7 working days for laptops. This was on the 14th Oct, it was an order over £2.5K. I telephoned them to complete the order and pay and they told me that they were not that busy and it should be with me in 5 days.

I noticed they debited my card the next day.

The following week they sent me an email claiming they could not send me the order because the graphics card and laptop were out of stock. It went on to explain this was due to a sudden rush of orders on that particular model. I thought this was strange because they clearly told me on the phone they were not very busy.

So with alarm bells ringing, i thought i would give them a further week then call them.

This morning I find another email from them telling me that they cannot complete my order because the particular processor is out of stock and they have no idea when it will be in stock, so do I want to change my processor or wait for however long?

Lucky a quick check on the net reveals Toshiba make a similar laptop to what I wanted, so I order via PC World no hassle.

So as you would expect, after the first communication, I cancelled my order.

Now they are trying to claim because they were building my laptop, they are taking an extra £35.25 as a cancellation fee.

Why did they mislead me on the phone, why did they not tell me the processor was missing in the first email, but more than 2 weeks later, why refuse to refund me fully?

Theres something not quite right here and I think I have been led up the garden path and clearly diddled.

Has anyone else suffered a similar fate, as I am considering my options.

  spuds 22:55 29 Oct 2010

I think that you need to contact Consumer Direct click here

  ronalddonald 23:29 29 Oct 2010

Its amazing you said the word RIP OFF say that about a utility company and FE doesn't like it. he s more likely to delete posts on the forums.

  Forum Editor 01:03 30 Oct 2010

and clearly diddled."

You have no grounds for making that kind of allegation, so please don't repeat it.

Under the terms of current Consumer legislation you may not cancel an order for a custom-built computer without penalty, unless you selected a combination
of standard-off-the shelf components.

  nmorris1 10:44 30 Oct 2010

Thanks for the replies, I would say hardly, maybe you never read or understood my post. It indicated on the web site 5-7 days. They told me on the phone they were not busy and reiterated the time scale. Then send me an email stating "as i may know do to exceptional high demand for my laptop etc etc. they are short of X and Y. Note it never mentioned short of a microprocessor either.

Then at the end of the month a second email sorry no processor, delay unknown we have no eta now sorry.

So they say they are charging me because they have begun building the laptop. Call me a cynic but it hardly sounds very competent to start building someones laptop unless you have all the parts to do it in the first place. Particularly the processor which is the very first thing to normally fit.

I mean I could understand it if they had built the thing and then I had changed my mind before they shipped it, but i certainly cant understand how you could expect to put someone through this sequence of events then expect to charge them and think its fair.

  nmorris1 12:40 30 Oct 2010

So just to be clear I would have thought the misleading grounds are a contradiction to what i was told on the phone to that in the first email. They said they were not busy, but then they then email to say they have had exceptional demand and are out of stock! Go figure? and to then later say they cant get the processor so cannot now give me any completion date at all.

For what its worth if they had been upfront with me from the outset, there would not have been a problem, I could have made other arrangements and waited with in reason or even changed my order.

I have been speaking to an engineer today and he confirms he would not be able to start building a laptop without a processor, so cannot understand how they could claim to be in the middle of a build and want to charge for so called work done.

I'm afraid they get 0 out of 10 from me and I would not recomend them to my worst enemy. The more I think about this, the more upseting it feels. I think I am going to write to them, i guess if i need to take them to court I could ask him to be provide expert witness.

I guess its a blessing in disguise though as i've now got a top of the range Toshiba from PC world. So neither the manufacturer nor the retailer in this instance should turn out to be a fly by night outfit should there be further problems later on.

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