PC Specialist - Wrong Components and Bad Support

  BDWeb 10:38 15 Jul 2008

PC Specialist's other reports on this website suggest that I made a real mistake in opting to buy a PC from them. My advice would be to stay away from them but if you do decide to use them you should read the small print on their website as you don't really know what components will go into your PC. They only guarantee to provide components within a range so you don't know what you will get. Clearly they only use what they are getting the best deal on at any given time. I placed an order with them in May and they were very helpful - until they had my money!

I ordered a specific type of processor. After a few days they contacted me to tell me that it was out of stock and that I could wait for it to arrive (they had no delivery date). As an alternative they offered me a "higher spec" processor for an additional £20 or a lower spec one with no price adjustment. Thank you very much I thought!

Not having much choice I opted to give them another £20.

I had ordered a TV card that was advertised as dual tuner with analogue aerial input. There was even a picture of it showing where to plug in the analogue aerial. When the PC arrived I saw that they had supplied a different card from the one that was pictured that did not offer any analogue option. I cannot receive digital TV so the card was no use to me. I contacted them to ask them why and I was treated as though I was some sort of halfwit.

I pointed out that their description of the card said "Watch DVB-T and analog TV Worldwide on PC". They responded tersely and unsympathetically at first then over a period of a month they ignored most of my emails.

After kicking up a fuss I got a reply from a manager who told me that if I returned the original card I could have a refund. I am now faced with removing the card from the PC. Taking the time to package it and send it back to them then trying to find a suitable card and fitting this myself. The reason I went to them in the first place was that I was very busy and I thought they were going to build the PC I specified. I don't want the hassle of looking for components and fitting them myself.

The PC was a replacement for one that I had purchased from ALDI just over three years ago. On paper the new one appeared to have a much higher spec but their is no apparent performance improvement. In fact I am now getting warning messages telling me to close applications down as I am running out of memory, etc.

I would never recommend PC Specialist to anyone after this experience.

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