PC Specialist - what do you think?

  Dariune 16:24 09 Oct 2007

Hi all

i wanted to get your opinions on my current dealins with PC Specialist.

Starting from the beginning, i am computer support technician and having my modded my pc into the ground (it caught fire) i decided it was time to start again.
I went online, found PC Specialist and seeing their prices, ordered a PC with them.

The PC took 2 weeks to get to me (no problems there)but when i opened it up things started going badly.

The PC wouldnt turn on and it ended up with the mother not being switched on (iut had an internal power switch) so i opened up the case and turned it on. Also the sound card was out of the case so assuming it happened in transit (im not so sure now), i put that back in too. I did also notice the graphics card was scratched and dented but decided to turn the machine on. The harddrive sounded a if it were 20 years old. The sound was horrendous. Also after some bench marking i noticed they had put the wrong sound drivers in and rather than correct their mistake they just installed the on board sound over the top hoping i wouldnt notice.
While sorting this out Windows crashed 3 times and IE crashed 6 times.
Also it asked me for an activation key. When i put that in it said it was already in use (damaged windows or illegal version?)
I decided to send back the machine appaulled at the condition of this supposedly new machine.

I spoke to a guy named Craig who said a refund would take up to 30 days. I said this was not acceptable but sent them the machine back anyway.

seven days later i called to find out the status of my machine and the refund i so badly wanted.
Craig told me he didnt know the status of my machine and i stated the sales of goods act to him. He got irritated and said he would phone me back later that day.

He didnt! i then called again at the end of that same day and got through to Craig again. When i introduced myself the phone went silent. After a minute or so i said "Hello?" to which i got a loud angry reply "2 minutes"
I got passed through to the manager who said he would give me a £17 upgrade for free and would dispatch the newly built machine to me on Monday or phone me if there was a problem.

Monday passed with no problems and so i assumed the machine was on its way to me.
However on tuesday i emailed their tech support just to be sure. Later i get an email from the manager saying he would dispatch it on the tuesday due to more testing needed.
The tech support guy, Craig, also emailed me back saying "Your machine has not been dispatched"

By that time i was quite irritated with their tech support guy. He couldnt have given me an idea of when it was likely to be dispatched?

It is tuesday afternoon now and i still have no difinitive answer.

What do you guys think? am i being harshly unfair? Or am i right to think the company useless and write as many reviews as i can stating that?

Thanks for reading :)

  Jpeg6785 09:47 10 Oct 2007

With due respect, why on earth do people want to announce to the world that they are computer technicians or experts, with such bizare statements as "I modded my pc and it caught fire".

My advice is not to touch any more computers and possibly find a less destructive role for yourself and your employer, the 1,000,000 company liability insurance may not be enough.

just as a point, I have no background training in computers and have recently built a highly modified, high performance HTPC without any issues.

  Dariune 12:13 10 Oct 2007

That was hardly a constructive reply was it.
I didnt claim to be an expert, i claimed to be a technician. And one thing i like doing is trying things i dont know how to do on my personal machine. Thats how we technicians learn. I had done that a bit too much and with the help of a stac ofbooks falling on the unprotected computer it eventally fused.

So there you have it, now anyone with a little less pent up bitterness able to reply and give me their advice?

  robbiepaul79 13:42 10 Oct 2007

Id personally go back to your origional idea and get a refund, and no you are not being unreasonable

  Forum Editor 17:58 10 Oct 2007

was correct in saying that a refund to your card account could take up to thirty days - that's the period that current consumer legislation allows a supplier in these circumstances. In practice however, most companies make the refund well inside that time-frame.

That's all a little academic however, because you've consented to allow the company to repair the machine, and in due course you'll get a chance to see how well they've done it. Consumer law allows them a 'reasonable' time within which to complete the work, although the legislation doesn't specify what a 'reasonable' time is - each case is taken on its merits, should it go to court. That's a rare occurrence, most repairs are successfully carried out, and let's hope this one is no exception. In law, and fault that develops within six months from the date of purchase is deemed to have been there from the start, unless the supplier can prove otherwise.

Most people seem to consider somewhere between three and four weeks as being a reasonable time within which to complete most repairs, and I woiuld be getting a little irritated if it took longer. It's not at all unreasonable of you to want some idea of when your computer will actually turn up, especially when you've twice been told it was being despatched. I think your best course here is to persist - explain to the company that you would like to know what's happeneing. It's not an unreasonable request, and perhaps you'll post back here with an update when you have more information.

  Dariune 18:09 10 Oct 2007

Thankyou to both of you.

Mr Forum Editor you have been very helpful and explained several of the laws i had no idea existed.

I have persisted and infact the machine arrived a few hours ago.

Its not as good as i had hoped (dent in the case and incorrect sound drivers installed etc) but i have rectified the problems and its working fine now.

Thanks for explaining things to me and letting me have a moan.

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