PC Specialist - Problem, Problem, Major Problem.

  Dabrye 23:44 06 Sep 2014

I purchased a laptop from PC specialist back in July 2013, and spent a good two-three weeks returning the computer due to faulty components/issues with the laptop. All in all, the laptop was returned three times.

I won't go in to loads of detail as to why the computer kept needing to be returned, but it was because of issues such as a non-functioning wireless port, distortion in left hand speaker at low and medium volumes, computer failing to wake properly from sleep mode etc....

After I while, I decided I had had enough of these problems. I wanted to return the laptop, obtain a refund, and have nothing more to do with the company. PC Specialist essentially told me that this was not an option, and to keep returning it to them for repairs until eventually everything worked like it should have done the first time round!

Fast forward 14 months, and I finally decided to purchase a laptop sleeve to start carrying the laptop around when I started Uni. I purchased a sleeve which would fit my 17.3" laptop - except it didn't. It swamped the laptop. Having nothing to compare it to, having never owned a laptop before, and having assumed that PC Specialist would send me a laptop with the monitor size I specified and paid for, I have finally realised that I own a 15.6" laptop. Yes, I know, this is a level of stupidity on my behalf. Anyway, Just to check that I wasn't being delusional, I logged in to my PC Specialist account, intending to check the specs of my laptop. This wasn't an option unfortunately, so I donned my sleuth hat, and checked the 'My Spare Parts' of the site. What were they offering me in case of a faulty component outside of the warranty time? Why, a list of parts for my 17.3" Optimus V, including a replacement 17.3" FHD Glossy Screen.

Having loaded some pretty expensive software on the laptop, I am unwilling to part with it, but I still feel like I should receive some form of vindication for this, the mother of all mistakes in a long line of...

Do you think this is a lost cause, or is there still a glimmer of hope that I can obtain some form of monetary refund? I don't ever intend on using them again, so I would not settle for a discount on future purchases from them that's for sure..

  wee eddie 01:16 07 Sep 2014

You have two problems.

  1. Finding their original confirmation email.

  2. Proving that the Lappy you have is the one they sold you

  Forum Editor 13:38 07 Sep 2014

The law requires an online seller to provide you with a full description of an item when you agree to buy it. You should have received this by email.

That being the case, you have documentary proof of your order. If you received a machine that was materially different, of a lower specification in any way you should have notified the company immediately. Fourteen months later you say that you think there was a mistake - you got the wrong machine.

Provided you are absolutely sure this is the case, and you want to keep your laptop you should talk to the supplier. If there was a difference in cost between what you ordered and what you received you could reasonably expect to receive a refund of the difference. It's up to the suppliers to decide if they want to make any additional gesture of goodwill.

  Woolwell 16:34 07 Sep 2014

The Optimus V comes in both sizes. Their website gives the dimensions of each so it easy to check. 17" is 413mm x 277.5mm x 17.5~44mm and the 15" is 374mm x 250mm x 16.3~42.7mm. Taken directly from the specs.

  Dabrye 19:51 07 Sep 2014


Thank you everyone for your replies. I have measured the screen diagonally, and it measures 15.6 inches, which is about 400 mm from the bottom left hand-corner, to the top right hand corner (not including the outer frame). The laptop also perfectly fits a 15.6" sleeve.

The order confirmation that I received from the company states that -

"Using our fully automated order system, you can track your order online, amend your order, print off VAT invoices, edit your details, and you can also see notes referring to your order. To take advantage of our order tracking system you will need to login at: or follow the link from our homepage. You may also wish to visit our forums here: click here where you can discuss news, views and reviews, show off your new computer, or get technical advice from our forum members."

I have thoroughly searched all subsections of my account, but have not been able to find a detailed breakdown of my laptops specs. The 'My Spare Parts' page only offers me options for a 17.3" Optimus V, which corresponds with my long held belief that I ordered and have been using a 17.3" laptop.

Provided you are absolutely sure this is the case, and you want to keep your laptop you should talk to the supplier. If there was a difference in cost between what you ordered and what you received you could reasonably expect to receive a refund of the difference. It's up to the suppliers to decide if they want to make any additional gesture of goodwill.

I do not expect any gesture of goodwill from PC Specialist considering their reluctance to provide me with any form of refund during the first round of problems I encountered with the laptop. They have in all honesty, caused me nothing but problems, and I hope that this thread provides further evidence that they are not a company to be dealt with. I only wish that I had read some of the other forum threads which are out there, warning others against using the company, before I purchased my laptop from them. I can honestly say that they have been the worst company I have dealt with in the last 5 years. Anyway...enough ranting. I will consider my options, but if I do approach PC Specialist requesting some form of monetary refund, I expect it will be an uphill struggle of epic proportions.

  Soekie 03:22 05 Nov 2014

By rights you should have been given a totally new Laptop from the start or your money back - it might not be too late to get something done about it being the wrong size etc. First off - take a Screenshot of the My Spare Parts Page, so you have at least that - making sure it shows it IS Your spare parts page, do this before making any more complaints - that way if the page is removed - u have the screenshot. Buying online you have a lot of Rights - so go to the .gov.uk site and look up your rights when buying online, then go to the Ombudsman who would deal with this kind of situation - you will find that up on the .gov.uk site as well. explain to them your situation, they will mediate for you, and you should get some results then - as no company likes to cross the Ombudsman - not good for their reputation. Good Luck :)

  TonyLevy 10:43 10 Nov 2014

I was considering using this company (I have in the past with no problems) but after reading your post am now not so sure, however compared to my dealings with Dell over the last six months I really feel your frustration.

I eventually secured a full refund from Dell (although am still awaiting the actually refund) after going to my local Citizens Advice Bureau for their consumer advice, very worthwhile. Dell are definitely the worst Customer Service of any company I have dealt with and that includes BT, Sky etc.

Incidentally What other forums did you visit that gave bad reports of PC Specialist as I have been looking for stuff about them.

  lotvic 11:25 10 Nov 2014

TonyLevy, Do a google search with the term: bad reports of PC Specialist

Have to say, like any firm or product you will get good and bad reports.

My Dell, after an initial problem that needed them to replace the motherboard (done in my home two days later - once problem had been diagnosed over phone) is still going strong and in daily use, bought it in 2006 with XPmce op sys and since have updated to W7.

  TonyLevy 14:46 10 Nov 2014

Don't want to hijack the thread but my problem with Dell also involved them coming to my home to change the motherboard and taking the laptop back to their factory for two weeks then returning it to me with the very same problems it went there with. All this after spending hours on the phone arguing with them that there was a problem them taking remote control of the machine twice trying to solve it and eventually them telling me it was a software issue and was not covered on the warranty even thought they were the only people to actually change any software. It cost me a small fortune in phone calls.

Again apologise for hijacking the thread but as you can see I too am very angry with the poor way I have been treated by Dell, but more worrying is if PC Specialist are just as bad

  lotvic 11:37 13 Nov 2014

Yep, it's a right dilemma, am needing a new pc for myself and still searching... ChillBlast is my favourite at moment and most probably will go with them.

  john bunyan 14:52 13 Nov 2014

It seems clear to me that the supplier was in breach of The Sale of Goods Act

Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 goods must be as described, of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose.

To get a refund on a faulty item, you need to reject it and return it within a reasonable time after purchase - usually three to four weeks.

It is safest to work on the basis you usually have no more than three to four weeks from when you receive it to reject it.

Your problem is that after all this time a "reasonable person" may conclude that by not rejecting within a few weeks of delivery the wrong laptop that you have tacitly accepted it even though it was not "as described".

If you can find out the difference in price, on the day of purchase, between a 17.3" and the 15.5" you received , then I would try to get them to stump up the difference. After this time a formal rejection / refund is tricky. I would certainly clone the Disc you have to an external drive in case you want to transfer the software, but you should be able to reinstall it if you bought discs or re download with the sellers approval - sometimes it has to be registered as an uninstall .

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