PC Specialist are refusing to give me a full refund. I need help!

  Bill_Murray 21:18 17 Sep 2014

Hi there,

I purchased a custom built desktop PC complete with monitor just over two months ago (64 days).

It worked well for approximately one week. Then the screen would randomly cut out and I'm left with a multi colored fuzzy screen, the only solution is to manually shut the PC down by the power button. Major blue screen issues as well.

This all happens at random times, sometimes the PC is okay for a day or two. Sometimes it works well for nearly a week. But eventually it becomes unusable.

At first I was advised to test it on another monitor, and within a week I had a monitor replacement. The issue immediately returned. And this time it got so bad that I could not access the desktop without it cutting out and going fuzzy, either that or blue screening.

The PC was sent off for repairs which took two weeks. PC Specialist replaced the CPU, Mother Board and Hard disk.

After it was returned it worked fine for one week and the problem reoccurred.

It's back with them now, but I have had enough. It's been two months since I purchased the machine and I have nothing to show for it. I work in music production and I am having to put off one of my clients because of this.

I just want a full refund so I can go ahead and purchase a new machine elsewhere. Time is of the essence here, they don't seem to care.

PC Specialist is now telling me that they have stress tested it for 24 hours and they cannot find the fault. And without finding the fault they will not refund me but simply send it back to me.

I don't want them to send it back to me, it means nothing that it's working on their end. The point is it's not on my end. Plus they never even identified the problem the first time I sent it in for repairs, they just replaced the CPU, MB and HDD and sent it back after testing it for three days.

Please can someone advise me on what to do here.



  wee eddie 21:37 17 Sep 2014

I'm trying not to be negative.

Firstly: Should they decide to give you a refund, full or otherwise, the law gives them 30 days to pay.

Secondly: You have not mentioned the Software that you are using and you haven't mentioned that they have queried it. If it works for them, without your software, you're in something of a bind.

  wee eddie 21:39 17 Sep 2014

Unless you specified that it be compatible with that software, when you ordered it.

  lotvic 22:08 17 Sep 2014

"randomly cut out and I'm left with a multi colored fuzzy screen"

If it's def not the monitor then seems like a graphics card fault to me - either overheating or faulty card.

I don't know how you stand for a full refund as it's a custom build.

Hopefully FE will see the thread and comment.

  Bill_Murray 22:17 17 Sep 2014

Thanks for the responses.

Nothing special on my PC. The music production software is compatible, and I have had it running on three previous laptops in the past with no issue. It's just Cubase.

Also, the crashes and blue screens happen during normal use, sometimes watching media on VLC, sometimes Youtube, sometimes when I'm writing a document in Word. Last time it happened whilst the computer was shutting down.

I install nothing out of the ordinary on my PC.

To illustrate this even further, before I sent it off for repairs, one member of the PC Specialist support team advised to do a full re install of Windows, and the problem returned after about 20 minutes after doing that.

I should also say that when I sent in for repairs the first time, the fault immediately showed up on their end, yet they still did not identify the fault. But thought it would suffice to simply replace the main components, as noted in my original post.

I feel that if they had actually done their job the first time and found out exactly what was happening, considering the fault was occurring when they were testing it, it would not have reoccurred.

It seems like to me it was just guess work when they replaced the CPU, HDD and MB.

  lotvic 00:45 18 Sep 2014

Read this thread from 2011 from another who had problem with refund from them for faulty pc, on our consumer forum click here

  Forum Editor 07:44 18 Sep 2014

If you want a full refund you are entitled to one if the goods do not conform to contract, i.e. they are faulty.

Your supplier must offer you a full refund if you reject the computer as not fit for purpose under the terms of the sale of goods act. The supplier has had an ample opportunity to repair the machine, but based on what you have said the repair has not succeeded.

There are three grounds for claiming a refund in these circumstances:

The repair is taking an unreasonable time, or is causing an unreasonable inconvenience, or the repair or replacement is not satisfactory when you receive it.

You should write to the supplier, stating that you are rejecting the computer, and claim a full refund. The fact that the machine was custom-built does not affect your rights in this respect, because the item is faulty.

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