PC Speakers?

  JOHNNYBOY2308 14:28 30 Nov 2004

Help !! I am looking to buy some speakers as I plan to use my PC as a home juke box kind of thing. The range seems huge and I'm clueless, I'm looking for a decent sound around the £100-£200 mark. Also is an additional soundcard recommended ?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:33 30 Nov 2004

I have a pait of speakers and a bass box...Labtec....£30 from PCW and the soumd is excellent for music. You should not need an additional soundcard.....and yes I do have a professional Hi-Fi seprates system in the lounge so I can compare ;-)) For a 3 way speaker system this is awesome.


  polish 20:15 30 Nov 2004

i have the altec lansing 5100 and find these very good also the sound card makes a big difference i have a sound blaster audigy ls

  plsndrs3 20:19 30 Nov 2004
  fourjays 20:49 30 Nov 2004

I have the Creative 24-bit SB Live! soundcard and a set of 2.1 Creative speakers. My computer is used for playing music all the time now, especially since the hi-fi started acting weird with CDs (doesn't matter though, the PC makes a much better sound than the hi-fi [+ the PC speakers are about a 10th of the size of the hi-fi's]). The card was about £25, and the speakers about £30-£40.

  GaT7 22:01 01 Dec 2004

Here's some basic advice on choosing PC speakers: click here. For more advanced advice & reviews: click here Buying-Components/13/, for 2.1 speakers: click here [some general advice & 4.1, 5.1 speakers: click here & for 5.1 to 7.1 speakers: click here].

A few suggestions: 1. If possible, try to listen to the speakers in action at the store (everyone's ears/tastes differ). 2. If you're going to use them mainly for music, an excellent 2.1 set may be sufficient. 4.1 to 7.1 speakers are mainly used to get the full level of effects offered by DVDs & games (I think). 3. If you already have a motherboard with AC97 integrated sound (or better), good speakers may be more than sufficient - so buy the speakers first, & check out their sound. If possible, also test them out on a friend's 'better' soundcard. Only then decide if you need a better s'card (like some of us here, you may be satisfied with a lot less than you're willing to spend, so save yourself a packet & spend it on more music!). 5. Check length of wiring & speaker size(s) is sufficient for your setup/space before purchasing.

Here are some Creative beauties (I'm biased towards them - you'll realise why below): s'cards - click here, & speakers - click here (all prices are INCL. of del to the UK). This pair won Best Buy awards at PC Pro/Comp-shopper last year: s'card - click here, & speakers - click here (other s'cards/speakers in the same review - click here). You'll most probably get a better spec today at the same cost or less, & bear in mind that 2.1 may be enough.

I recently purchased some 2.1* speakers (Creative 2700 slim - click here) from Ebay** & use them with my old Creative 4.1 SoundBlaster card. The sound is great - to my ears anyway - was using a pair of standard desktop speakers before, so it's hardly the best opinion or comparison in the world! All the best with your purchase & enjoy! G

*I'm not a gamer & don't watch DVDs on the PC. **Cost just £20 (incl. P+P), were supposed to be 'refurbished' but the only tatty item was the original box they came in.

PS - No, I'm not an audiophile! And OH! have do have mercy on the neighbours ; )

  GaT7 22:05 01 Dec 2004

Second link again - click here

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