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  Gorillaz 09:03 03 Oct 2003

Probably been requested before but having recently had major problems with an excessivley noisy new PC which has since been returned is there any way reveiws can include a decibel rating?
We have ratings for speed, 2d graphics, 3d graphics etc but nothing on noise. I realise this can be subjective but it should be easy to take a reading in both an normal office and SOHO environment.
Sitting in a SOHO that is about 4m x 3m with a PC droning on all day is worse than Chineese water torture.

  keenan 10:51 03 Oct 2003
  Gorillaz 14:22 03 Oct 2003

Looking at the link it seems as though they consider 48 decibels as being a loud PC. Couldn't tell you what rating I would have got but this could be considered as being on border of acceptability and could be used as basis for future reviews.

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