PC retailers, how they build PC's (inside info)

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Hi all, just got back to redditch and met up with a mate who works for a large computer retailer. I'm not going to mention who, but it's large enough to put adverts in almost all pc mags n stuff etc...

anyway... i just met up with this mate, ain't seen in ages. We got chatting and one thing led onto another and we ended up chatting about the quality of the build etc...

Bloggs told me that they let fualty hardware through the testing. Like if a card is faulty they won't take it out like they're meant to, the workers will just let leave it in the machine. Sometimes they don't even put all the screws in when putting the motherboard in place etc... and no where near enough thermal paste where it's needed. Faulty cables and components. He said they pack the computers in pallets of 20, they meant to check them all, but usually only 2 out of every 20 are tested!!!

Apparently when ever the supervisor is around they get a little better.

But it's bad to hear all this though isn't it??? :o(

Is it the companies fault if the workers aren't following the rules???

I deffo won't be enticed into buying an off the shelf pc. I'll stick to building my own.

But i suppose you could guess that probably the way in which the individual components were manufactured might be similar?


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Yeah right and my mate told me that the world is flat. Your 'mate' has is obviously not accustomed with the phrase 'quality control'. Anyone else for more urban myths?


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What ?-- are you telling us that it's not flat after all!

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he works on the manufacturing lines, part time while at uni.

now you can't really say it's an urban myth if your hear it straight from the horses mouth can you?

most of the manufacturing people are kids straight from school, or part time workers etc...

You're right to question the QC, cuz i did too. No i'm not saying it's true or not, but what would he get out of saying telling me that?

I was too was suprised when he told me, i won't take it for gospel, but it gives you summat to think about.

I'm not going to mention the companies name cuz it could cause Bloggs and myself a lot of grief.

  [DELETED] 21:46 29 Jul 2003

'Just got back to Redditch,' may give quite a clue as to the company if its local and if so I find it difficult to believe. In the end though surely its down to the pride every individual takes in their work.

What a shame to be sucked into a mindset that would go along with all this shoddy practise without protesting to supervisors or at least writing (anonymously if afraid of peer pressure) to management.

Hope your friend will do something to prevent the disappointment of those on the receiving end.

  [DELETED] 22:02 29 Jul 2003

difficult to believe steve?

he said the QC (supervisor people) do come round, and when they do, the amount of testing shoots up! as does the pile of faulty components at each stage of assembly.

I used to work for a local motor company part of a large industrial holding. I was in quality control, i was only ther for around 4months, then i found a better job. But while i was there i found the amount of QC was poor. They told us what we had to do, obviously not every single item could be checked, but we'd have to do bulk checks every so often, and most of my collegues would just check a couple of parts and just sit there chatting for a lil' while then just pass the items through. I was shocked, but i suppose you could try to put yourself in their shoes, i mean working for god knows how many years doing the same thing day in day out, you're bound to get bored aren't you? I did for the 6moths i worked in QC!

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pick your own... I'm not going to give anymore clues!!!

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Not that I doubt your word, but I find your friends story very difficult to believe. Regards.j.

  [DELETED] 22:27 29 Jul 2003

no way of proving it, short of popping in yourself and taking a look or getting a secret camera in. But i assume getting a camera into the manufacturing area would be difficult as they scan you as you leave the premises, just incase you decided to take home some bits.

  wee eddie 22:37 29 Jul 2003

I suppose they will be surprised when the manufacturer takes it's plant to the Far East.

I won't

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