PC repair/fix tools

  iqs 16:12 26 Nov 2007

Hi,I am looking for a decent set of tools I can use to repair,fix and upgrade a PC.For example a mini handheld vaccum,a brush I can safely use to clean dust way from PC components,a comprehensive tool kit.Any recommandations please.

  pj123 17:18 26 Nov 2007

I build computers for a living and the only toolkit I have is:

A philips screwdriver.

  Totally-braindead 17:43 26 Nov 2007

Regarding the cleaning the best thing is a brand new clean paint brush and if you wish a carton of compressed air.
I've not got compressed air I've found that with a bit of disassembly and a 1" paint brush I can get at all the dust without resorting to anything else.
Oh also use a clean duster on the likes of fan blades and I haven't needed anything else to clean up.
Regarding other tools I have a screwdriver kit from LIDLs for £2.99 and it has various screwdrivers, long nosed pliers and tweezers which are useful when you drop something inside your case.

  jakimo 18:30 26 Nov 2007

Compressed air duster,fine camel hair brush,and phillips screwdriver..Hammers are not required

  Totally-braindead 18:40 26 Nov 2007

jakimo just because you've never used a hammer don't assume the rest of us haven't.
Any electrical item that isn't working properly will respond to threats and dangling a hammer over the top of it. Its a well known fact.

  iqs 18:01 27 Nov 2007

Went to maplins and bought a very cheap tool kit and a mini vaccum.You wont believe how much dust I removed from the main case fan and heat sink with the vaccum.Well worth £2,99.

Many thanks for you comments.Cheers

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