PC Prices ~ Where to next!

  wee eddie 17:57 03 Mar 2005

I am currently wrapping up my restaurant after 25 years on the same site. No, retirement doesn’t beckon as I have been more or less profit free since the “Foot and Mouth”. Exciting times ~ On-wards and up-wards.

Whilst clearing down some of my old files I found the invoice for my second business PC, an Apricot XI, with 256kb RAM and a 10MB HDD. Some machine!

This was a huge step up from my previous model which had double floppy drives and I can’t even remember if it had a Hard Drive. I suppose it must have.

And the price, including VDU and Printer ~ £3970.00 + VAT!

Software was extra!

  961 19:26 03 Mar 2005

I owned and ran a restaurant but only for 11 years. I came to the conclusion I was working for the government, the local council, the landlord, for 18 hours a day and it was time I stopped

It was the best decision of my life

And this is totally off computers so pardon me.

However my first jobbie was an Amstrad at about £300 and my second and Austin 286 at the same sort of money

Both were fun, but the guy who made it all possible for me, whatever folk say about him, was Bill Gates. Before him, it was all gobbledegook

  bemuzed 20:51 03 Mar 2005

I agree on Windows. People moan aboout security and how rich he is, big evil American compnay etc but he did make computers easy to use and still does. OK Apple did it first but made the mistake of thinking the value was in the box rather than the use of the box. I had a look at the increasingly praised Linux. It is crap as far as ease of use is concerned. Linux is not that cheap either.

  Kev M 22:00 03 Mar 2005

Now where did I put that Sinclair Spectrum?

  russmini 23:05 03 Mar 2005

Mines upstairs !!!

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