PC for photography work

  MrNewName 18:24 28 May 2010

Evening all,

I am looking at getting a new PC for working with photographs, mostly in Lightroom 2.5 and a little work in Photshop. I already have plenty of hard disk space in my current machine and so am looking at a Novatech barebones bundle: click here

How might this do when coupled with a 500GB drive and a couple of optical drives? It has on-board graphics which can be upgraded should that become necessary.

Any suggestions gratefully received, as are alternatives. The only proviso is that it has to come from Novatech.

Cheers, Kevin

  hssutton 20:33 28 May 2010

The most important piece of info is missing and that is the file sizes that you will be processing.

I also have Lightroom 2.5, but I'm using the v3 beta version + CS5. My tiff files can be anywhere between 100 and 160mb. I'm now running a 64bit version of Vista Ultimate with a quad core CPU and 8Gb ram which copes quite nicely, but prior to installing the 64bit version my pc would quite often crawl.

If you're using CS4 or CS5 you will need a decent graphics card to make full use of the software. Prior to CS4 it's not to important and onboard graphics should be ok, as will be the Novatech you list if your file sizes are a more respectable 40-50mb or less.

I would suggest though if possible you go for more ram which would mean using 64bit. Lightroom and CS4/5 come in both 32 & 64bit, so no problems there.

  MrNewName 21:10 28 May 2010

Thank you.

I use a D90 so begin with RAW files of about 8MB - they generally end up at TIFF files but rarely at more than 30MB each.

At the moment I have PSElements 8 but may purchase CS5 - however as yet I am not convinced of the need. In the past I had access to CS3 and am thinking that CS5 might be useful.

I bought Windows 7 when it was on a pre-release offer of about £50 so will install the 64BIT and buy some more RAM if necessary. The motherboard supports up to 8GB.

Thanks for your help.


  hssutton 21:38 28 May 2010

At 30Mb the Novatech should do quite nicely, but if you do go for CS5 get a decent graphics card.

Here's Adobes recommendations foe Graphics card, but as long as it runs OPen GL you should be ok, I'm running low end graphics, but it does support Open GL. This being the Nvidia Geoforce 8600GT. will no doubt change it before long, but it does the job.

  MrNewName 21:50 28 May 2010

Thanks again - will give it a shot and see how it goes.

  MrNewName 12:10 29 May 2010

Having done some more research, it seems that the AMD II X4 630 at click here may be a better option as it is a newer processor and due to its socket type can be replaced; whereas the intel option is at the end of the road vis-a-vis upgrading (without upgrading the motherboard).

Taking the two options as they stand at the moment, which would give me the better performance?

Thanks, Kevin

  hssutton 21:18 29 May 2010

I built my pc approx 2 years ago and installed an AMD Phenom quad core 9950 cpu. I'm no expert on CPUs, but find this does the job very well for Photoshop, so I assume the one listed in your last post should be more than adequate.

The only drawback as I see it is only two memory slots, meaning if you want to increase the memory the two 2gb memory modules would nead replacing, unless of course Novatech will replace them with 4gb modules.

It would be better if someone with more knowledge than me can comment.

  MrNewName 11:23 30 May 2010

Thanks - change of plan so will start a new thread.

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