PC and OS ideal for a writer please

  Dragonsteeth 20:37 08 Nov 2008

I need suggestions for the ideal writer's PC and OS.
I will not use it for games or TV, just writing and burning work onto discs. I need the best.

  octal 20:48 08 Nov 2008

It sounds like a good candidate for one of the Linux operating systems and it will run on any reasonable spec computer.

  Pamy 22:27 08 Nov 2008

What writing program do you have in mind?

  Dizzy Bob 22:59 08 Nov 2008

Pretty much any PC you buy will run a word processing programme, and burn discs.

Microsoft Word is the most widely used, although Open Office is a very capable free alternative.

I guess the keyboard is fairly important for 'feel' so i would have thought it wouyld be a good idea to buy a machine you can physically try first, i.e. from a shop rather than online. That said, it is a simple matter to change the keyboard to one you prefer.

My advice. Try before you buy, make sure it feels right, and unless you think your uses are likely to change, dont spend too much!!


  Condom 22:25 09 Nov 2008

You won't need a great specification just to run Word or a free word processing package.

Spend your money on a really good keyboard preferably one you can try beforehand and a good screen as you will be probably looking at that for long periods.

  Forum Editor 23:43 09 Nov 2008

but your choice of peripherals is important.

A really good monitor will help enormously - get a big one so you can have two pages, side by side, and make sure you see the display working before you buy. My personal monitor is a Samsung SyncMaster 2493HM. It will cost you around £400 but it's worth every penny.

As far as keyboards go, the best I've ever used, by far, is the one I have at the moment -click here

At £130 it's an indulgence, but if like me you spend a good deal of time writing you'll find it will pay you back tenfold.

Don't worry to much about Operating systems -if you buy a new computer it will almost certainly come with Vista preinstalled, and that will be just fine. Add Microsoft Office, and you're ready to work.

  curofone 23:56 09 Nov 2008

That keyboard does look fantastic and imagine that it is perfectly laid out but it does not have a number pad and for that price i would really want a number pad, even if your do not write a lot numbers it is still nice to have a number pad for when you do.

  Si_L 00:39 10 Nov 2008

You won't need to spend a lot to get a computer that does that - every PC has the power to word process and burn CDs.

Two things - first, like others have said, a good keyboard and a good monitor are important. The FE recommended the 2493HM, but I have a 2232BW (£150ish), and that is brilliant. Check out these ergonomic keyboards with the bend in them, and get a hand rest.

Secondly, it might be worth investing in an external HDD just to back your work up, or pay for some sort of online storage (might be free ones out there). Either way, along with your CDs, it will be good to have it backed up somewhere else, just incase!

  Si_L 00:42 10 Nov 2008

click here|65%3A3|39%3A1|240%3A1318 for the sort of keyboard I was referring to. Worth trying out first as you might not like it.

  interzone55 16:53 10 Nov 2008

I like the keyboard that came with my Dell PC, I think it's a logitech, but it's fine for lots of typing.

Get yourself a decent monitor, FE's suggestion is good.

For writing program, I use Word 2003 at work & OpenOffice 3 at home, stay away from Word 2007 if you can avoid it, because the new ribbon interface is a serious pain in the butt.

Si_L's idea of an external hard drive for back up is a good one, but some online storage would also be a good, I have a google email account which has about 7 gig of free storage, so I email documents to myself for safe keeping, as long as the files are less than 20mb it's an easy way of getting some free storage.

  Simsy 10:08 14 Nov 2008

that you might need to consider.

IF, you go the LINUX route, bear in mind the software that you need to write with...

If you just need a word processor then it wont be an issue, what comes with LINUX will suffice. However, if you are writing using something specialised, ie a "Scriptwriting" programme, you might HAVE to have windows.

Just a thought.



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