pc or tablet or laptop?

  JaneAttwood 14:21 22 Sep 2014

My old pc is on it's last legs. I use it for email, browsing the net and I print stuff like recipes, Skype. Do I need a pc anymore? Why would I have a pc instead of a laptop and why not replace both with a tablet? I have an iPhone and an iPod. Does it make sense to get an iPad?

  john bunyan 17:59 22 Sep 2014

I have a desktop, laptop and I Pad. Each is used differently. The desktop , with good soundcard and Windows Media Centre (can watch TV whilst working) is used the most for all issues, but particularly for music, photo editing (Photoshop) and e mails that need printing. The Laptop can do many of these things, but the screen is smaller, and there is no second drive built in, and printing is a little more difficult. For those who do not "manipulate" music or pictures the iPad is OK - limited storage of media, e mails etc and a little more awkward when surfing - especially when participating in forums etc. In your case, as you have an iPhone already (a bit like a small iPad) and you do not need the more complex programmes, I would have thought a laptop plus USB drive for back up might be the best choice. A good iPad is about the same price as a laptop, and I think you get more versatility and "bangs for your bucks" with it.

  john bunyan 18:55 22 Sep 2014

My last sentence meant to say a laptop may be your choice, but I agree with Jock 1e that a desktop is more robust, if you need the extra features.

  onthelimit1 09:27 23 Sep 2014

For the majority of work at home, I find a PC perfect. Easy to repair/relace components (which doesn't seem to happen often these days), and a decent size screen. When I'm travelling I use a Samsung Galaxy for emailing, Skype etc. Refuse to pad the inflated prices for an iPad!

  wee eddie 11:39 23 Sep 2014

As you have gone the Apple route with all your other kit and all is going smoothly, why rock the boat. Replace your PC with a Mac Mini.

All you will need to do is to check that your other PC hardware, printers etc, are Mac compatible.

  Woolwell 11:47 23 Sep 2014

Jock1e - Safari is not bad and you cannot call an iPad crap as it is one of the better tablets around and the build quality is excellent. There are other browsers for the iPad including Chrome but they basically use the same engine as Safari. Flash is not supported on the iPad. Having said that browsing this site on an iPad is a pain but that is because of this site.

Printing from a tablet depends on having a supported printer.

I have to disagree with john bunyan too. I have a desktop, laptop and iPad. Printing from the laptop is no more difficult that from a desktop.

However where I do agree with him is that a laptop is more versatile and you get more for your money plus a larger screen. The advantage of a laptop is that you can move it around. I would go for the laptop.

  iscanut 11:52 23 Sep 2014

I agree with Woolwell, the I Pad is certainly not crap and Safari is fine for me, no problems apart from no Flash support. I also have Windows desktop and laptop and I would not like to use the I Pad for a lot of typing and documentation though and you will need a wireless printer that supports Air Print. There are plenty of good, cheap laptops around between £300 and £400 so I would go down that route.

  Woolwell 11:54 23 Sep 2014

Perhaps I should have replied with what my wife has and how she uses them. She has an iPad and a laptop with 17" screen. The laptop doesn't stay in one place but is mainly used for basic photo editing, letter writing and spreadsheets (hence the 17" screen) plus of course email and web. She really likes the iPad for instant on, email, Facebook and Facetime. The usage is about 60% iPad and 40% laptop.

  Woolwell 13:26 23 Sep 2014

Jock1e - Safari is made by Apple. They chose their own!

Laptop on fire! When?

Your last link is to a different username.

  iscanut 17:00 23 Sep 2014

Never heard of a laptop going on fire! How does one notuse a laptop correctly to make this happen ?

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