PC Options watch out

  Neil Spooner 09:48 09 Oct 2008


I just wish to add to the list of unsatisfied customers of PC Options. I have such a long list of poor service, unreturned phone calls and emails, inability to organise return of PC, shortcomings of software, lack of software etc etc that I don't think it would serve any purpose. I have given up trying to speak to anyone at PC Options because they are always busy and "will call me back".

I have never been short tempered or rude, so no justification can be given for such poor support.

Anyone thinking of buying a Media PC really should look elsewhere, the PC Option website is very good, don't be suckered in........that's where the professional bit ends.


  GRIDD 10:10 09 Oct 2008

Another credit to PC Option - an amazing service.

Your comment:

"I have never been short tempered or rude, so no justification can be given for such poor support."

They might see justification in this thread. They tend to play hard ball when their customers come on the forums complaining. I'd be careful if I were you, especially if you're still looking for a resolution to a problem from them.

Best Regards


  Neil Spooner 10:28 09 Oct 2008

Hi Gridd,

I am not looking for a resolution, I have given up. I don't believe that PC Options can provide a PC to the specification I requested. They had an opportunity to say that what I wanted can't be done. The machine falls well short of that promised. I am older and wiser now, have waisted too much time waiting for any response or support, and consider myself "on my own" to make the best of what I have got.

Before you say I ask too much, perhaps I do. What I wanted was a quiet Media PC that I could operate by the WMC remote, so that I could watch Blueray/HD DVD, watch HD TV and other satellite channels, without having to be a computer genius.

The PC isn't quiet, and I have now found out why the VGA card is so fan noisy, its because PC options have left out the speed controller that is supplied with the Zalman cooler.

I cant watch HD Tv via WMC.

I can't watch HD/Blue ray via WMC.

The PC was covered in greasy hand prints.

The cooling fans run when the PC is in sleep or hibernate mode.

The drivers weren't installed for the usb wifi card, and yes it was an inconvenience to get a internet connection so I could load the drivers (shouldn't have to do it anyway)

I had to load the Vista SP1 on.

The Antec display stayed on all the time, even when the PC was off.

Yes they resoved the dispay issue, but that is all.


  Forum Editor 14:47 09 Oct 2008

that complies with the specification that you ordered, or if, when you received the machine it did not function as it should, straight out of the box, you are protected by consumer legislation.

1.You are entitled to return the machine for a full refund (without giving any reason) provided you notify the company of your intention by email within seven days of the date of delivery.

2. If the seven day period has expired you may reject the computer as not being fit for purpose, which means that it doesn't do what a computer with that specification should do.

You shouldn't be deterred by a supplier's failure to respond positively to requests for the matters you mention to be rectified - the supplier is under a legal obligation to do so. If you don't receive satisfaction via the phone, or email, you may decide to write to the supplier by special delivery, detailing the failings, and stating that you require the faults to be rectified at the supplier's expense within a reasonable time.

If you do not get satisfaction by this means, come back to this thread and let us know - we'll advise you on your next available options. Please don't simply accept the status quo - you ordered and paid for a fully-functioning computer, and if that's not what you received you are protected by law.

  Neil Spooner 14:50 09 Oct 2008

I would like to amend the line about the VGA cooler, duff gen from Zalman: The N8800GT-Zilent doesn't come with a fan speed controler as they suggest it does. Still haven't got to the bottom of why the fan speed is so high.


  Neil Spooner 15:01 09 Oct 2008

Hi Forum Editor,

Thanks for the prompt response, although I wasn't looking for words of support it is very much appreciated.

What I didn't mention about PC Options is that they overcharged me by £80, malicously or by mistake they never offered. However, it took five weeks of emails and phone calls to get the refund for the overcharge and the Media Keyboard that was never supplied. I received a cheque which has cleared, but with no covering note or apology. I have a nasty feeling that if I send the PC back I may never get my money back, or have to go through a long an aggravated process to get it. I really am too busy to get involved in that.


  HondaMan 15:05 09 Oct 2008

When did you receive it?

  Neil Spooner 15:24 09 Oct 2008

Hi Hondaman,

I received it on the 25th Aug' 2008

  I am Spartacus 15:33 09 Oct 2008

Is the fan connector on the graphics card 2 or 3 pin? I can't tell from the photos I've found. If 2 pin then it can't be controlled by software. However it is possible to use a Zalman Fanmate which has a 3 pin connector with just 2 pins, I've done this.

Zalman Fanmate from QuietPC click here

If it's 3 pin then the graphics card software could well have an option to reduce the speed. If not have a look at Riva Tuner click here It's one of the least intuitive modern software utilities but when you figure it out you can create fan profiles and monitor remperatures until you find the right combination.

  jaraba 16:43 09 Oct 2008

Surely if he opens the box & tries to rectify anything the company will say he caused them refuse to do anything.

  I am Spartacus 16:56 09 Oct 2008

From what Neil said I was giving an option if he wasn't going to pursue PC Option for a resolution.

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