PC Option/Desktop Option - Warrantee

  EVO88 10:18 15 Oct 2009


Early last year I unfortunately purchased a PC base station from the once living and breathing PC Option Ltd. As I am now aware, and most of you will know, they have ceased trading.

Basically my querie is… Who is now responsible for my extended warrantee on my desktop?

My first contact with Desktop Option, a result of typing click here into the URL, lead to this response:

“… we are not PC Option and have never been…”

Obviously I was unaware at this time of the issues everyone has had with this company, and their other guises!

What should I do?

  EVO88 11:04 15 Oct 2009


  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:12 15 Oct 2009

Basically you can kiss goodbye to any chance of a warranty.


  EVO88 11:26 15 Oct 2009

Thanks Gandalf, real helpful haha!

Manufacturer warranty maybe?

The problem lies with the graphics card not allowing me to install the driver in order for it to operate. It basically cuts the installation half way and goes to a black screen with jsut a flashing underscore. The computer has to be restarted via the restatr button to exit this.

I have tried the CD and Nvidia downloaded drivers.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:41 15 Oct 2009

If the card is still inside the manufacturers warranty then you can probably return it direct to the manufacturer, or their UK distributor. This of course assumes that the card is definitely at fault.

If you want some assistance with investigating your problem open a new thread in the Helproom Forum - there are plenty of people who will lend some advice.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:13 15 Oct 2009

Ah, a card and not the computer...try contacting the manufacturer, they are sometimes exceedingly helpful.


  ened 16:05 15 Oct 2009

As GANDALF <|:-)> suggests try the card manufacturer's site. It may even be a known issue.

I've had a quick look but cannot see if you have opened a thread in the Helproom yet.

If you are unable to resolve this with the manufacturer you will almost certainly get positive advice there.

  EVO88 16:28 15 Oct 2009

I'll open up a thread after I've had bash at fixing it myself. Tick some of the boxes before askin the question.


  spuds 17:17 15 Oct 2009

A nice little trick to try perhaps!.

If you purchased the computer complete with a written warranty, and paid by credit card, then seek help and advice from your credit card provider under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.

Initially, they may state "Nothing to do with us", but stick with it, and you might receive your reward. I have and did.

  mr simon 00:21 16 Oct 2009

I've had an issue with my PC after ordering from PC Option. I naturally assumed, since Desktop Option 'bought out' PC Option, and its owner, and in all likelihood, its staff were working under this new persona that the burden lay with them.

Long story cut short, it took a huge amount of hassle but I got the replacement part, it might be worth trying as a last resort, but unless its an expensive card I would just buy a new one, its really not worth the hassle of trying to reason with them.

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