PC option-terrible service

  Tipps 17:24 24 Jul 2008

I ordered a high spec computer from Pc option on the 11th of june and was told that it would be dispatched with 7 working days. this period passed and i emailed to check how the build was going and ask for an eta. this email was not replied to. several emails and a couple of calls later i was told the graphics card was out of stock and it would be sent when it was in. I thought this was a fair reason and waited for a further week before emailing again, no answer..so i called them and was told i would be called back by someone that day who knew what was going on. I never recieved that call. A few days later i was told phoned and told the monitor was now out of stock but would be delived the next day. A week, several unanswered emails and un returned calls later i was told it would arrive by then end of the week, it didnt... By this point the computer was over a month late and id had enough of dealing with the so i phoned and asked for the order to be cancelled, this was agreed and i was told the money would be refunded within the week. When i returned home from work 2 days later the computer had arrived...funny how that happend once id asked for a refund...I was not informed the computer was to be delivered and had not been refunded. this wouldnt be a problem if i hadnt ordered from another company after asking for a refund...i called the company again and was told i had to talk to another person who was on the phone and would call me back as soon as he was off. 7 hours later im sitting here writing this and thinking my money is going to be very difficult to get back.... Sorry that this is such a long post but i just wanted to get across how hard it is to deal with this company, its the worst customer service ive ever experienced and wouldnt want anyone else to have to put up with it.

  Forum Editor 17:57 24 Jul 2008

that your order cancellation was accepted, and that your money would be refunded - that constitutes a promise, and the company must abide by it. They have 30 days within which to make the refund, so you may have to wait a little longer, but the money must be repaid.

You relied on the 7-day promise when placing your order, so there can be no question of your cancellation not being valid. The company must collect the unwanted computer, or arrange for you to send it, but not at your expense - the supplier must pay for that.

  Tipps 19:01 24 Jul 2008

Thanks for your information, it makes me feel a bit better about the whole situation :) I am waiting on some email responses to see how this will progress, will update the thread with how it goes.

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