WEY1 07:15 03 Aug 2006

I'm looking to purchase a pc base unit for approx £700 built to my specification. I dont need a monitor so have been searching around various companys to see who look competitive. I've come across PC OPITION, the price and specifications looks good?

Also the 950 Pentium D 3.4 or 5000 AMD 64 dual core, which is best for what I would call high end office use.

  kiddgame2000 09:20 03 Aug 2006

Pc option are very very good.

I bought one for my girl friends mother of them and it came very quickly and works great.

I had to contact their customer service department after a few weeks as a fault developed and i can safely say i have never seen customer service like it. Emails were answered in minutes, talking to them on the phone was a joy, they were only to happy to help and they even phoned me a couple of times without any prompting from me to sort the problem out.
Best of all you can talk to them on messenger about any problems your having with your machine.

I would definatly use them again.

  DieSse 13:49 03 Aug 2006

*Also the 950 Pentium D 3.4 or 5000 AMD 64 dual core, which is best for what I would call high end office use.*

Either - probably both are overkill.

  aveylee 14:40 08 Aug 2006

I was recently thinking of purchasing from PCOption. However after checking the Companies House listing for the company it stated that there were proposals to strike them off as a listed company.
This may of course be an error, but I would certainly recommend that you check Companieshouse.gov.uk for yourself, and pay by credit card.

  Gaz 25 02:23 09 Aug 2006

website looks a rip of alienware. lol

£700 for a 5000+ system.. hmm.. must be cheap skating on everything else then? because the chip costs around £450 at wholesale.

  jakimo 20:39 09 Aug 2006

For a system built to your spec. you may get the best deal from your local independent pc dealer

  The Muir 19:13 20 Aug 2006

Can't see it on the site you mentioned.....

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