PC not up to Win Update?????

  pcnewbie 13:35 25 Feb 2003

Hi everyone.

I was hoping someone could help me as im in the hands of a second hand computer shop and my knowledge isn't good. i have two questions. Three weeks ago, i bought a second hand computer from a high street shop for £250. It was advertized as 64Mb ram although he was going to have to add more to it a few days later. When he came round he said it will read as 48Mb as the 16Mb has gone to display. Strange i thought, i took out the only 1 ram stick, booted it up and it read 16MB, put the stick back in and reads 48MB. I look at the diplay properties and it tells me it has 2MB of video.

Does that sound right?

Secondly, i have been told if you want your PC to run nicely, you should download atleast critical updates from Win Update. I did this and when i restarted the machine it got past the logo screen and whent black, hard drive light stopped flashing and didn't make any noise, so i though it had crashed. I turned it off and then on from the back and it refused to start saying that Sys files were corrupt. I had made a boot disk a few days earlier but that didn't work, so i thought i'd try and re-install with a CD he made for me and that didn't work either. When selecting yes to re-format the result was "cant re-format, insufficient memory". I had been trying this via technical books following the instructions carefully. I took the PC in to have the ram checked out abd told him what had happened when attempting to update and he said "no i should'nt update as it can cause things to crash". News to me, 1. If it should be updated, is there something wrong with it? and 2. If that is the case, shouln't they have told me that when i bought it?
They want to charge £40 to re-install as i had caused the problem.

Somehow this doesn't seem fair. Please help me and give me an idea of what i should expect or what i can do????

Thanks to all that read this long post. :)


Intel Celeron 433Mhz, 64Mb ram????, on board sound and graphics, Win 98 SE (advertised as sound card and graphics card)

  Djohn 13:59 25 Feb 2003

First of all have you been given a genunine 98se disk with licence?

  « Ravin » 14:01 25 Feb 2003

IMHO i think you've paid a bit too much for what you've got

  Djohn 14:04 25 Feb 2003

« Ravin », I agree, but now we need to know exactly what he has, and more important, how we can help. J.

  « Ravin » 14:04 25 Feb 2003

you should upgrade your ram. £22 for 128 mb or ram including vatclick here

  « Ravin » 14:07 25 Feb 2003

not sure if it will help but you can download and run this tool which will give you the exact details about your computer, about your ram, video memory etc click here

  Djohn 14:18 25 Feb 2003

This does not sound right to me, and before you buy more memory, I think we need to get your system working again. £40-00 is a lot of money to pay to re-install O/S, especially as you have only just bought the PC from him.

If you have been given back-up CD's to restore your system, then these should work, if not, then it is the shop's responsibility to sort this out.

You have already spent £250-00 and do not spend any more until this problem is sorted.

As I asked in my first post, do you have a 98se CD and licence with your PC?

  pcnewbie 14:19 25 Feb 2003

I probably have paid too much, it was originaly £275, i knocked them down to £250 (which wasn't hard) and got them to throw in some speakers. Yes your right,£20'ish for 128mb ram whick i will probably do, but the burning question is, should i be able do update? If it's not up to it, should it be sold without that knowledge? Should i have to pay for the re-install?
Finally, i assumed i had the right to the liscense, but he said there's no reason to have a disk as it's pre-installed. What do i do when it crashes then? He made me a copy

I need some help, maybe trading standards?

  Djohn 14:27 25 Feb 2003

pcnewbie, yes you do need help, more than what I can advise on, but stay with this thread as there are user of the forum that will guide you through your best options. But please do not part with more money at this stage.

And yes you are correct, it does not matter if the CD is an original 98se or a shop backup CD, you still need a product key, (Licence) and the shop should have provided you with one, if not then they have no right to put the O/S on the PC.

  pcnewbie 14:37 25 Feb 2003

Thanks Djohn, i will wait for further replies. I will not pay them anymore and if they are wrong it what they are doing, then perhaps i will ask then for a refund or threaten legal proceedings.

I'm sure Microsoft will say that if a pc is not equipped to update then it;s not fit for purpose. Something i should check out.

Thanks all

  Djohn 14:43 25 Feb 2003

Yes. please wait for more advice on this, but I personally think you have a good case for a complete refund of your money.

I am fairly certain that the shop is acting incorrectly by not suppling you with a product key for your O/S. J

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