Is this PC as good as it looks?

  Adam Patrick 15:47 07 Apr 2011


A HREF="click here">Firestorm PC /A>

Its a bit unclear because it doesnt give detailed specs. A few things Ive noticed from the internet:

INTEL CORE I7 2600K 3.4GHz 8MB CPU - A HREF="click here">Top of Toms Hardware L4D2 benchmark /A>

1.536GB GeF GTX 580
A HREF="click here">Toms Hardware video card chart /A>

600GB SATA 600 Western Digital RaptorX 10000RPM (MASTER)
looks like the one at the top of Toms Gaming Hard Drive chart
A HREF="click here
">Toms Hardware HDD Gaming benchmark /A>

1TB SATA III 600 Hard Disk 64MB
unsure about this, doesnt give a manufacturer, or say if the 64MB is cache or buffer (Cache Ive read is the important thing)

Corsair 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600MHz XMS3 Vengeance
Ive found that latency is 9-9-9-24, could this be a bottleneck?

The price for the PC is £1500, which seems cheap for the quoted specs.

So was wondering if there could be an obvious bottleneck or does it sound a good purchase.


  Adam Patrick 18:35 07 Apr 2011

Sorry I messed up the links. I thought at least there would be an Edit button and also a Preview Post option !

Here's a clearer list of the components:


600GB SATA 600 Western Digital RaptorX 10,000RPM



ASUS 1155 P8P67 EVO REV 3.0

1.536GB GeF GTX 580 Graphics

Corsair 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600MHz XMS3 Vengeance

Antec 1200 Twelve Hundred Full Tower Case

Antec 850W Signature PSU

  961 21:09 07 Apr 2011

I've not come across Diamond Computers before

Anybody any experience?

  I am Spartacus 21:40 07 Apr 2011

It would cost around £1400 to build it yourself.

Most of the parts are branded and are good ones.

You'd need to add an OS.

I wouldn't bother with a RaptorX and would recommend a 120GB SSD for roughly the same price for the OS and a decent mechanical hard drive for data etc.

I've not heard of them but they are showing full contact details which is good.

I assume you're a gamer and also that you intend overclocking the 2600K.

  birdface 23:57 07 Apr 2011

No security settings from WOT so must be a newish company.

  birdface 00:06 08 Apr 2011

Small shop in Brighton.

click here

  AL47 22:43 09 Apr 2011

decent price, and unusually all branded

[tho personally id go for dual 6950 gfx cards like i have :) ]

also look closely at the ssd vs mechanical, im still running mechanical velociraptors in raid 0 and do not want to go to ssd yet

  961 14:26 10 Apr 2011


Small, very small, or too ....

I'm sorry to spoil the party but the advice must be to pay by credit card when buying from small makers at this sort of money

I'm all for supporting new start ups, and often they build sparkling stuff

But ensure your financial input is fully protected

  Adam Patrick 22:48 14 Apr 2011

Thanks alot everyone for your input

Yes I am a gamer and dont really know alot about overclocking but Im sure I can learn.

From the general feedback it sounds a goodish system and could be a reliable company. I will make sure to pay by debit / credit card as suggested if I go for it.

Thanks again

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