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  [DELETED] 06:56 24 Jan 2006

I have recently been considering starting a diary to record daily stuff and was wondering if there was a diary program for the PC.
I have terrible trouble reading my own writing (an old wrist injury from motorbike racing makes it uncomfortable to hold a pen) and find it much easier to use the PC for making notes etc. but starting a diary using Notepad or Word is not easy.

I don't want to start a blog (who would be interested in my ramblings ?) it is more for personal feelings and self development.

Has anyone come across such a prog or maybe used one ?

  [DELETED] 07:13 24 Jan 2006

I use one on Microsoft Outlook at work, if you have an office pack from MS you can use that, alternatively I've notice one on Lycos there is an on-line one which is part of my free email package which does give the convenience of accessing from any computer anywhere.

I use one at home here but unfortunately its for Linux and there doesn't seem to be a Windows version. There is this package, but its not free, but it looks similar to the one I use at home click here

  Forum Editor 08:44 24 Jan 2006

in Consumerwatch. Moving it there now.

  wee eddie 10:42 24 Jan 2006

about the form your ideal diary would take.

Any Word-processing program could be used filing each entry on the basis of date. "Back-wards"

Just open a folder in My Docs and call it Diary.

e.g. Today is - 06.01.24 - Diary Entry

e.g. Tomorrow is - 06.01.25 - Diary Entry

You could also use the Gregorian year or the Financial year as a basis for weekly nor monthly documents

  [DELETED] 11:08 24 Jan 2006

octal (or do you prefer Valvegrid ?) I have Outlook but it isn't much use for my purposes as the entries need to be entered in time slots, it is not so easy to read or write a page.

What I would like is a pgm that has the look or layout of a book type diary (if you see what I mean) so that I can 'turn to a page' or read them in sequence (click to turn the page). Using Word means that I would have to make a folder containing other folders and files etc, all dated and individually saved. I find that method a little cumbersome.

  wee eddie 11:43 24 Jan 2006

Is along the lines of what you are looking for

  Belatucadrus 12:00 24 Jan 2006

You could try Easynoter lite click here . The lite version is free but limited to 640 x 480 pixel view, the paid for versions can go full screen.

  [DELETED] 15:02 24 Jan 2006

They are both exactly what I was looking for.

I think I will try the Easynoter first (as there is a trial version). They both have some amazing functions that I could really make use of especially connecting to PDA's and Mobile phones.

Very useful.
Thanx again.

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