Pc / Desktop option strike again.

  kofisamurai 11:11 30 Jul 2009

April 2008 i purchased a motherboard from Pc Option(initially sent the wrong mobo & had to send it back while waiting for ordered mobo. April 2009 motherboard failed to post so contacted now known as Desktop Option & told to send it back to them. Received a phone call from a guy called Matt who informed me that they to could not resolve the problem & it was going back to Asus.It has now been 15 wks of non-stop aggro chasing this up with 16 e-mails an abusive phone conversation at the hands of the legendary Mr TOM MUIR renowned for his customer care. It has now resulted in having to send a recorded delivery letter giving them 14 days to rectify the situation before taking the matter furthe & guess what no reply from them so far. Not only am i out of pocket on the returned mobo, i had no choice but to buy a another mobo elsewhere to get my gaming rig back up and running before it went out of date lol. My vanishing mobo has 2 new stamps on its passport one to taiwan and now ireland for some reason. This is a company that seems to think that they are above and beyond the realms of customer care and common decency as long as the till is ringing. There are a lot of posts on this forum about this company and elsewhere on the net, my advice to anyone wishing to buy a complete system or just to upgrade components, GO ELSEWHERE. There are by far a lot of better companies out there that give good customer care & quality goods because they wish you to bring your custom back or pass on the best advert in the world, word of mouth. I have been advised to send one more letter to them to give them one more chance to rectify this situation. I wait with baited breath i will update as soon as i know any more.

  Matt_Desktop 12:03 30 Jul 2009

15/07 you were contacted by our company by email. That's the one that had the tracking numbers on. This 14 day letter you sent was responded to by email.

You missed Royal Mails delivery and its gone to Belfast.

You can speak to us directly -


  kofisamurai 13:51 30 Jul 2009

There was no response by email as the the email i received on the 15th was 6 days before desktop even signed for the letter that i sent. There was no Royal Mail delivery, if you check the image that was sent to me it said "we were unable to deliver the item" which means it did not get as far as my address and the reason it ended up in belfast was because desktop failed to fill the label out properly and put a returns address on it. As for talking directly tried that option & received a tirade of verbal abuse as have so many other people in this forum.


  Matt_Desktop 13:53 30 Jul 2009

Hi there,

You missed the delivery - there was a card posted through your door. You never contacted Rotal Mail in time.

I was present when you called - I actually answered you and I'm not aware of any abuse.

Like I said - you can contact us direct in future.

Matt (",)

  tullie 15:10 30 Jul 2009

So,is someone telling porkies?

  Forum Editor 18:48 30 Jul 2009

"a tirade of verbal abuse" I wonder if you would be prepared to email me privately with full details?

I'm sick and tired of repeatedly hearing about customers being subjected to verbal abuse when they phone to make a complaint, or to enquire about customer service. I find it almost impossible to believe that all the people who have mentioned this are making it up, and I intend to gather as much information as possible from those who have had the experience.

  kofisamurai 19:35 30 Jul 2009

i would gladly email you with the details of this conversation and anything else you would like to know about this problem

  Forum Editor 23:00 30 Jul 2009
  HondaMan 14:47 31 Jul 2009

"I intend to gather as much information as possible from those who have had the experience."

With what object in mind?

  GaT7 14:59 31 Jul 2009

"With what object in mind?" - taking these people to task & publishing it in the mag & online perhaps?

Remember the MBS fiasco click here?

Something has to be done if the allegations are true, & I salute PCA for willing to take a stance to help its readers & forum faithful. I'd prefer this company to change though, rather than ceasing trading like what happened to MBS. G

  harps1h 19:30 02 Aug 2009

I'm a bit confused here. you said that you got a card that said the parcel could not be delivered.

<<if you check the image that was sent to me it said "we were unable to deliver the item" which means it did not get as far as my address >>

normally this means that there was nobody at the address to sign for the delivery and it was taken back to the depot. maybe thats why it was in belfast

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