PC crashing continuously but manufacturers say it works fine!

  beckhbrown 18:49 03 Dec 2014

Hi all, I bought a gaming pc back in feb and it seemed fine to start with, then a couple of months ago it all started to go wrong. It's now been back to the manufacturers 3 times. The first time they replaced a corrupted hard drive, the second time they agreed the usb points were "sticky" but also that the problem resolved itself and the pc was now fine. Once returned to me the pc crashed immediately. Just froze on the starting windows screen. Returned to manufacturer only to have them tell me there's nothing wrong with it, it works fine for them and must be an issue in my house. I received the pc back and same problem still arose. Spoke to so called "technical" department. We wiped both drives and re-installed windows again. Before I even finished updating all the drivers it prompted a restart. Surprise surprise.... it crashed again! Now the manufacturers are refusing to take it back. They say it is the location of the pc in my house and that I use a wireless keyboard and mouse!!! I just wondered if anyone has ever experienced issues due to the location of their pc!! It seems crazy to me. Please help! Any advice appreciated!!

  alanrwood 19:13 03 Dec 2014

Designed to get themselves out of a hole. It is still within the legal warranty so insist they sort it out. If they refuse get an independent report on it stating the fault is inherent and then tell them you will take it to court if they don't sort it out. I would as a precaution try it with a wired K/B and Mouse just in case yours are faulty.

  beckhbrown 19:15 03 Dec 2014

Thanks alanrwood. Luckily the second time they had it back I sent it with my keyboard and mouse and they checked them for me. They agreed both were fine and working perfectly!I am now composing a firm but polite email insisting they sort it out. Not holding up much hope though!!

  wee eddie 20:29 03 Dec 2014

Does any of this happen just after you have loaded a Game or before you have added any software to the PC?

  beckhbrown 21:20 03 Dec 2014

No, just as I'm loading the drivers from the backup disc sent with the pc. It loads the drivers, prompts a restart and crashes. Doesn't even load into windows. I have managed to start in safe mode but not normal windows.

  wee eddie 21:47 03 Dec 2014

You should not have to load anything to a new PC, all the necessary Drivers will already be loaded.

  wee eddie 21:48 03 Dec 2014

You should not have to load anything to a new PC, all the necessary Drivers will already be loaded.

  wee eddie 21:49 03 Dec 2014

Aghhh. This phone is some sort of nightmare!

  beckhbrown 22:09 03 Dec 2014

Hi wee Eddie. I only had to load drivers after the tech department talked me through wiping both partition drives and re-installing Windows for the umpteenth time!

  wee eddie 22:54 03 Dec 2014

This is above my pay grade so I will not be surprised if someone bowls me out.

Windows should come with sufficient drivers to function in Safe Mode. However, it is likely that these Drivers are updates.

Is it possible to load them one at a time until you find out which one is causing your PC to crash?

  Menzie 13:27 05 Dec 2014

That is a strange one, when you say it crashes does the PC automatically reset, freeze or does it show a blue screen?

It seems that one of the components may have developed a fault and when it is installed it may be causing issues. If you could isolate the component causing the issue you could disable it in the BIOS but if a component is indeed faulty it should be replaced/repaired.

Have you got any USB devices connected apart from the keyboard and mouse?

Have you tried downloading the drivers instead of using the backup disc instead?

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