PC Cooling - Front Fan

  TurboPigeon 01:42 02 Nov 2014

I needed a new PC, nothing fancy as I don't do any high-end gaming. The most intensive thing I do is Photoshop, Flash/Unity games or watch videos. Got this one:

click here arrived, I opened it up and had a look... I'm no PC expert but it looked odd, as I've always had an intake fan on the front of my PCs, with an exhaust high at the back.

This one has nothing at the front, and it can't because the detachable front panel is covered with a solid slab of plastic. No fan on the side either, just a large meshed section on the side panel.

CPU fan is there, and there's an exhaust fan doubling up as a power unit fan at the top rear.

Will the lack of intake fan be a problem? Obviously they wouldn't sell the things if it was a major issue, but the entire front section of the tower is basically a sealed box. No cool air is going to go anywhere near, say, the hard drive, and all incoming air will have to be passively drawn in through the side and rear (and probably hurled instantly back out through the power unit/exhaust fan).

As I say, I don't do any intensive gaming, but I do use it for up to six hours at a time and it won't be living in the most ventilated spot in the house.

Will it be OK, or should I send it back and try to find one with better cooling? If so, any tips in the sub-£400 price range?

Many thanks!


  mole1944 06:44 02 Nov 2014

I have an Advent desktop pc,it has two fans one for the processor and one on the power supply. I have no problem with overheating at all, incidentally and don't laugh every few months blow out the cpu cooling fins with a can of compressed air, i got mine from from Amazon click here

  onthelimit1 08:52 02 Nov 2014

I have three PCs - none has a front fan (one has no exit fan, and relies on the PSU fan to exhaust warm air). I've had no problems with any of them running hot. Only basic computing, no gaming. Seems to me that modern PCs run cooler than they used to?

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