PC Case Cleaner?

  Gaz W 22:46 30 Aug 2003

I hadn't noticed it, but my PC case has gone really yellow in the sun. I only noticed it when I took the CD-RW out and put the plastic plate back, and I can see the difference.

Is there a product on the market that will allow me to restore the colour of the plastic front of the case?

I also have a Dell PC I am thinking of selling on, which was stored under an office desk and has been kicked quite a bit, so it's got black marks all over the plastic lid of the case. Is there anything that will get rid of it?

  Djohn 22:57 30 Aug 2003

Mr. Muscle, spray cleaner! Excellent for the job of cleaning cases, spray on the side of case and watch the brown muck run down, give a good rub with a cloth as well. Near any of the CD drives and other openings, then spray onto cloth first then rub away. Regards. j.

  rickf 22:58 30 Aug 2003

I was just looking at whats avbailable at 7dayshop.com and they have a cleaner for PC cases. I think its under computer accssories. I think Maplins may have one as well.

  Gaz W 23:52 30 Aug 2003

Thanks for both of your replies.

I will give all of these products a try, because if I do sell on this Dell PC, it'll need to be in good condition.

  David-277685 08:56 31 Aug 2003

If the case is discoloured 'cause it has been in direct sunlight then you may not be able to remove the taint. I hope i'm wrong and it all works out for you though.

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