PC buying help!

  Gary McBarry 14:18 07 Mar 2005

Hello. I'm looking for a new PC, and, as I am new to this, I thought I'd get some expert advice. I've been looking at some websites like Dell, Mesh and Aria, but, to be honest, I'm finding it quite daunting. About seven years ago I bought a PC from Tiny, and was pretty much ripped off. After a few months it was obselete, so I am wary of buying without advice. I have a (non-negotiable) £650 budget and will be using it for:

Downloading songs/videos etc
Some gaming (not that bothered about playing the latest games at full spec)
Digital photography
I would also like a CD burner and dual layer DVD burner

With this in mind could anyone suggest a specific machine that I could get. In addition, I would like it if it was easily upgraded (larger hd, more RAM, better gfx card etc) so don't have to buy an entirely new PC every couple of years.

Thank you for your time.

  jbp1982 14:56 07 Mar 2005

Try a place that will build for you rather than buy a branded PC. Branded PCs aren't as upgradable. My brother has a Dell and he referred to it as "welded together". Mine was built by a local independant computer store, website: mplex.com. All standard parts, I know exactly whats parts are in it, and who manufactured them, you'll not get such detail with brand names.

  byfordr 14:58 07 Mar 2005

Try Dell.

At the moment some very nice double memory deals.

Seen a DimensionTM 5000 advertised in the paper with 1gb memory 3ghz processor and 19" flat screen for about £700 (only has basic warranty package) Nice package be able to cope with most things for a while...£50 over budget :-(

Some of their ranges aren't easy to upgrade the graphics cards on. But harddrives, memory etc is easy on all.

The DimensionTM 8400 DimensionTM 5000 are easier to upgrade graphics on.

Failing that try evesham or mesh.

  Gary McBarry 15:07 07 Mar 2005

I've just had a look at 'pcspecialist'. Looks good- reasonable price and can be built to own specs. Are they any good?

  wjrt 16:17 07 Mar 2005

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