PC Buying advice - Not sure what to get

  ianp77 10:25 14 Aug 2013

Hi I'm considering buying a PC and would like it to try and meet a few different needs if possible. My budget is £400 - £500 excluding monitor, software etc but incl OS.(so I know at the fairly budget end, though I could stretch it slightly if the right PC was just outside this). Firstly, I work from home quite a bit so would need to use it for home office type tasks. Secondly, I'm a keen amateur photographer so would like to be able to use it for fairly simple (photoshop express) photo/video editing. Thirdly, I'd like to be able to play some games on it (although not necessarily the most demanding as I also have a PS3. It's likely to be the likes of the latest SimCity etc as these types of games are unavailable on consoles. Fourthly, and finally, the computer will be sat next to my home entertainement system (Home cinema amp, projector etc) so I would like to be able to connect it to this system (dual display ideally) and store all my digital media on it. I know this is asking a lot but I would be grateful of any advice. Thanks in advance.

  Forum Editor 15:35 14 Aug 2013

More or less any new computer in that price range will handle the things you've mentioned, but as you are obviously aware, the games performance isn't going to be up to the standard you would expect from more expensive machines.

Any new machine will easily handle Office applications.

The two things that will have the biggest impact on your other computing needs are the processor and the amount if RAM. Put your money into the fastest processor you can afford, and the maximum amount of RAM that your motherboard and operating system can use. The RAM is going to be important for your photo/video work.

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