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  €dstow 18:17 18 Mar 2003

"AOL should be forced to charge VAT like their rivals."

I don't understand the question in this poll.

Can someone explain what it means?

Please don't send a rude response like someone from PCA has done in the other thread on this. I'm only asking the question because I want to know what it means and implies.


  watchful 18:28 18 Mar 2003

Perhaps it should say:

Should AOL be forced to charge VAT like their rivals? but I'm not keen on the word 'forced.'

  €dstow 18:31 18 Mar 2003

I've just come across this click here due to a new response. This answers more or less my question.

It would have been preferable though to have had some explanation or a reference to an explanation with the poll.


  mikef™ 18:31 18 Mar 2003

It's quite simple €dstow, as companies like Freeserve are always pointing out, all European based ISP's have to pay VAT on all subscriptions but at the moment AOL claim as they are American based they do not have to pay VAT on any subscriptions from Europe, and at the moment exploit a loophole in legislation and do not charge VAT, this means that they have, according to European ISP's, a competitive edge.

  €dstow 18:36 18 Mar 2003

I know now what it means but it shouldn't be incumbent on me or others to search out the meaning of the poll question. The meaning should be self contained with all the information required within itself to proffer a reasoned reply.


  Coaster3 18:48 18 Mar 2003

It wasn't a question it was a statement. After the way DieSse was treated, I'll make no further comment.

  Forum Editor 19:26 18 Mar 2003

these polls aren't the be all and end all of life - they're quick opinion polls, intended to take a snapshot of the way people react to stories in the news. There isn't the time or the necessity for wording the thing like an official document.

If you haven't read the news item you probably won't want to vote in the poll - simple as that really. There's no need to make a huge issue of it.

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