PC Advisor and Page 121 Of May Issue - Great Audio System.

  uggly 14:36 08 Mar 2012

I had been on the lookout for a new audio system to compliment my Asus Xonar D2X Audio Centre installed by Dell in my Dell Studio computer a couple of years ago. Having narrowed it down to a couple of possible purchases, this months PCA dropped on my mat. When I got to page 121 I noticed an amp and speakers at the end of an item on high quality hardware.I eventually was able to make out it was a Teufel system.

I researched Teufel and found the system in the picture was a Concept B 200 Active 2.0 Multimedia Speaker System consisting of an amp and speakers.I did read a review in PCA and several other online reviews and it curried favour with the reviewers. After much deliberation,I decided to buy the system costing £218 (on special offer) and duly paid. Considering it came from Germany,it was trackable and took two days from Germany to my front door.

Taking it all out of the box and setting up was easy enough. The speakers sit either side of my screen and the amp sits under the screen. I had to make small adjustments within the Asus soundcard and WinAmp Media Centre and gave it a full four hour run-through playing diverse music from Nat King Cole, Buddy Cole, Moody Blues, Led Zeppelin to Bert Kaempfert and Mantovani to the Berlin Philharmonic. This fine unit handled it all with no trouble and with separate bass and treble controls,it made fine-tuning easier.

Its really great for me as I like my music and have wanted a high-end amplifier and speakers. Thanks to my reading PCA and having my interest in their end-of-article item photo,I am now the proud owner of what I consider a very high quality product. Money well spend this and long may it give me years of musical pleasure.

  Forum Editor 23:37 08 Mar 2012

That's good to know, and thank you for taking the time to let us have your feedback.

  Matt Egan 14:53 09 Mar 2012

HAPPY CUSTOMER ALERT! Thanks for letting us know!

  uggly 09:05 10 Mar 2012

Gentlemen, I appreciate your kind comments. I can further report that I played the Netflix film 'Stardust' last night and the quality of the soundtrack and dialogue was crisp and clean indeed for a 'live' non-dvd film.I'm also listening to Brian Matthews 'Sounds Of The 60s' on Radio 2 as I write. Again the quality of this programme is excellent and I'm very pleased with the range of higer quality sounds throughout the spectrum.

One interesting 'side-effect' of the Teufel is that I can plug a small legal FM transmitter into the headphone socket and 'stream' my own music straight to my ancient Intempo DAB/FM radio bought 8 years ago and even older mono Sony transistor radio.Its kind of odd listening to my music with old radio jingles and adverts coming out of them in 1960s pirate radio style.My FM transmitter doesn't interfere with anything here either which is good news.I mixed down a complete top 30 DJ-style from March 1969 with Radio London jingles and adverts via my WinAmp and I have to say even that sounded brilliant.

I'm really impressed with this system I bought. The speakers are either side of the screen and are pre-tilted upwards so there is continuity in vision and audio. Two other advantages of this amp is that it can be run off a standard computer-based audio-card via a USB port and another for mp3s.No,I don't work for Teufel nor PC Advisor.I'm just an ordinary average computer user!

  Input Overload 10:08 12 Mar 2012

The Marmite Kid - I agree with you, spending a few pounds on audio enhances most PC experiences no end - And you rarely go wrong with German gear whatever it is.

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