PC Advisor Market Place - Was it good for you!

  wee eddie 21:23 29 Nov 2003

I seem to be getting stuck there for longer and longer.

Now I have no gripe with adverts, they help to pay for the site. But when they radically slow my entry to a site, I begin to question their validity.

This increased of the log in period and the growth of entries in the Market Place may be totally coincidental, but as we say up here

"I hae me-douts"

  JIM 16:36 30 Nov 2003

"I hae me-douts"

Na, nay problem wit the addies laddie,well worthy of a browse tat brings tears to thee old eyes of days gone bye.In Plain "English" too! with a big big bigger :) via industrybrains!!

PC Advisor delivers Expert Advice in Plain English to business and home PC users who want to buy the best-value equipment and make the most out of the equipment they already own.

click here

"Lite, very lite" hearted post(honest)

  Raywood 14:32 01 Dec 2003

In my opinion the PC Advisor Market Place is one of the better advertising ideas. I hate the Intel Centrino on the front page because it makes noises and I got very worried about my computer. I didn't at first realise the advert makes noises.

  Raywood 14:37 01 Dec 2003

The market place idea is better than that terrible AMD/Internet Explorer thing. For some reason it always appears even when I opt out.

  wee eddie 17:43 01 Dec 2003

My point was that?

After Log-in

When given the option to "click here if not transferred quickly" - both my PC and Laptop seemed to hang.

Of course, there was always the option of clicking the blue link, but I wondered whether it was just me and mine or caused by the "PC Advisor Market Place"

  JIM 00:01 02 Dec 2003

Your quite right,on occasions i have had the same affect as your self.I noticed when the new adds/text had been Introduced at first,log on was as per norm. Few days later there was the lag!(to give us time to notice them maybe?)

  Djohn 03:33 02 Dec 2003

I've found that the quickest way to log-in, is to log in as normal the first time, then open the "Helproom forum". And from there save in your "Favourite" in your browser.

In all future log-In's to the site, click on the PCA Icon in your favourites, it will take you straight to the log-in page, click on the log-in button and it will take you straight to the helproom, by-passing any other screens. j.

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