PC Advisor Cover Discs.

  flowerdew 20:19 25 Mar 2005

My problem is with PC Advisor. Lack of clear information. Please, ANYONE, help me? What does "From the Magazine" actually mean?
In particular - Backup - Acronis8.
BEFORE!! I install, should I not know -
Is it a complete prog?
Will it run on my OS?
So, - is it a trial, - to be activated later, or what?
To me, it is a pig in a poke.
Not running broad band, I do need the prog. rather than down loading.
I am a spasmodic buyer of the mag. and for ages now I have been trying to find out what 'from the mag' means, surely it's all from the mag??? I never have seen an explanation of these matters in the mag. Likewise there is no help on the disc. My current Acronis Imager was from PCA, - as a full app. No lack of clarity that time. My attempts at E mailing the mag for info. invariably result in a non delivery. Do the publishers care about their readers, or what? I may be the only person who is baffled by these matters, but I wouldn't bet on it. Please disperse the fog, flowerdew.

  accord 21:02 25 Mar 2005

i gave up installing software from pc mags a long time ago due to the fact that they were trial versions or time limited.

im sure someone on here will be able to explain the term 'from the mag'

  tinthedad 07:23 26 Mar 2005

No offense mate but do you not think you have gone slightly over the top ? I have normally found the instructions quite concise, if you read them properly and don't look for double meanings in everything.

  Stuartli 09:44 26 Mar 2005

"From the magazine" means that the particular program, application or utility has been mentioned in the issue for which the cover disk was provided.

It could be in the Helpline pages, an article on a particular subject or whatever.

  spuds 11:48 26 Mar 2005

I generally find that if you look hard enough the information is there.Either in the magazine or in the browser on the cd.

In most cases, in my opinion, there are some worthwhile programmes, but there are also some not worthy of consideration. But as they are 'free' why bother, unless of course the publishers want to reduce the price of the magazine by not supplying these £180 + valued cd's!.

  Father Flap 14:56 26 Mar 2005

It seems to me that throughout the software vending industry a large number of firms will offer you a free download of a program . It is not until you have downloaded it you find it is only "free" for the first 15/30 days then it has to be paid for. As far as PCA cover discs are concerned I have found that if it states it is a "full" program it is usually a Free copy of an older version of the program . If it is a trial version it does usually state that.

  flowerdew 15:58 26 Mar 2005

Thanks Fellas. I know that these offerings are usually old versions, I expect that, and rarely even load them. However I do like an 'old offering' of Acronis I already have. Acronis8 appears to be current, and could be a time limited try out version. If so, it could enable me to get the prog. 'on disc' since I am dialing up and so can not realistically down load a big prog. (My earlier search for a version has only resulted in offers of the downloaded prog.) I might be 'happy' to pay for a disc version. It is approached on the CD via a MENU which simply presents a button marked 'Install'. That, I don't want to do without knowing what I am likely to install. I have perused the mag and trawled thro the CD files but, though I expect the item to be in line with your expectations, I can't find any detail at all. Perhaps we can expect comment from PCAdvisor?? I am aware that there is no such thing as a free lunch, but a few clues from PCA wouldn't go amis. Again thanks fellas. flowerdew.

  JYPX 19:39 26 Mar 2005

flowerdew - As you have gathered TI8 is a trial version. My thoughts are that you might well be best sticking with the full version of TI6 that PC Advisor kindly gave us all for free last year. It is basic and it works. I use it about once a month to back-up my C drive. No incremental back up with TI6 but so what. If you have a look at the Acronis forums you will find dozens of postings reporting problems with TI7 and TI8 (although it does seems that the latest version is sound). If it ain't broken....

  Forum Editor 02:08 27 Mar 2005

that the latest version of Acronis 8 distributed free of charge with (from) the magazine is hardly likely to be the full version which costs £30 for a single license.
One of the advantages of these distributions is that you get the chance to try out the software without having to download it - an obvious benefit, as you've noted.

Do we care about our readers? Well only inasmuch as they pay our wages, and without them we wouldn't exist. Of course we care, what a silly question.

  flowerdew 11:45 27 Mar 2005

Many thanks for your help and information JYPX, Most usefull, I'll likely follow your advaice.
Editor - Surely, a full version, limited in some way, might be possible? How would I know? I buy the flaming magazine to find out these things. I did try to e-mail rather than raise the matter here. But it ain't easy. Anyhow, many thanks for your most POLITE remarks, Such oldworld charm. Flowerdew.

  Stuartli 13:22 28 Mar 2005

Another snide, cynical poster.....

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