PC Advisor Audio CD poll

  vaughan007 15:20 15 Apr 2003

Hello again everyone.

I see PC advisor have taken on the sort of poll a few of us suggested a while back.

They have eventually fallen to indirectly putting kazaa in one of their polls.

Will be interesting to see the outcome.

  Lú-tzé 15:35 15 Apr 2003

Some time ago there was a pool on our opinions of the use of peer to peer file sharing applications, with Kazza given as an example. It suggested that such applications should be banned and there was a simply agree / disagree answer provided. At the time it brought up a discussion to the effects that the program is not illegal, only the use that many people put it to. I don't know the result of the poll though - maybe it can be found somewhere on this site.

  vaughan007 15:48 15 Apr 2003

Come to think of it I remember that poll. It was quite a while ago though, so digging it up on the PCA website may be hard work.

I have to admit (ignoring the legalities of swapping music files for a moment) that I have very little sympathy for music developers losing profits after they have been fleecing us for years and getting mega-rich off over-priced, low quality products.

Perhaps the age of billionaire music producers and super-rich pop stars is coming to an end as the music industry is slowly forced to bring prices down to a realistic level.

There will always be wealthy musicians of course, but I think the astronomical salaries and royalties they have received in the past will not continue much further into the future.

The music industry is changing forever. Whether we like it or not.

  crx16 15:49 15 Apr 2003

'File sharing sites like Kazaa should be banned' click here

  Lú-tzé 15:50 15 Apr 2003

PS It was a "poll" not a pool!

  Confab 16:16 15 Apr 2003

Not sure how to vote on this Poll - It's a combination of all of them!!


  mikef™ 21:03 15 Apr 2003

Mr 'Goody Goody' here has never downloaded an mp3 file from the internet but am buying less now, not due to the price as I always buy on line so never pay the full shop price, but simply the total derth of quality music being produced these days, maybe I'm getting old!, but the only half decent stuff being produced these days, in my opinion, seem to be cover version of what I've already got by the original artist.

  AndySD 21:11 15 Apr 2003

I must agree with mikef here .... although I still listen to the radio a lot I am not often inspired enough to buy the cd's. Maybe one a month but thats slower than ever before. I must admit though I went and brought Norah Jones cd almost as soon as I could after hearing her on the radio.

  Offline 21:16 15 Apr 2003

I tend to be buying DVD's thse days and as there is only so much disposable income to dispose of something has to give, on my part Cd's have took a bit of a back seat.

  Joe McG 21:26 15 Apr 2003

Isn't using sites like Kazaa, Grokster, Morpheus etc, just the same as when (most members 30+ will remember) we all used to tape music from the radio, onto cassettes?.

Admittedly there is no comparison, when we are talking about expensive software, pc games etc,
but surely downloading music from these sites, is no different from recording from radio. i.e. both are illegal.

P.s. I have downloaded copyrighted music from the web, but if I like what I hear, I go out and buy the CD, and delete the downloaded track/s.

  Mango Grummit 21:34 15 Apr 2003

The music business is in decline due to the fact that its target audience is mainly children of school age, as can be seen on TOP and other popular TV music programmes. Obviously there is a limit to the amount of pocket money that can be allocated for buying the CDs of their choice.

No business can expect to make money by dealing with people who have none.

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