SHEMMYBOY 18:06 04 Jan 2005

pc advisor advert online at aol....for GLADIATOR COMPUTERS..best buy.....i tried to buy one but gladiator says i live in foreign country...ie...N. IRELAND..well i thought i was in UK...not if you are trying to buy PC using BANK OF IRELAND.....so i live on MARS then..can pc advisor please confirm..because they accepted my money via BANK OF IRELAND..........SLIGHTLY CONFUSED JAMES

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:55 04 Jan 2005

For postal and cash security reasons NI is treated as foreign. You have the choice to move to the mainland. I am somewhat confused by your post and I have a feeling that Gladiator may have had the same problem, are they sending you one, is it the postage charge that worries you or what?


  Forum Editor 19:13 04 Jan 2005

I'm not sure what it is you want us to do,SHEMMYBOY.

  SHEMMYBOY 19:42 04 Jan 2005

the problem with gladiator computers is that they wont accept my switch card payment....from BANK OF IRELAND.....because they say it is in a foreign country.....but i have purchased all over uk mainland using this card with no problem.....no, they are not sending me one..and no..it isnt the postage etc......who cares ,,i can trave down the road 20 miles to pc world..its GLADIATOR COMPUTERS loss..not mine
i subscribe to pc advisor via my switch card and THEY are in uk...what i meant to say to pc advisor was ..if they...pc advisor...can accept my payment..why cant GLADIATOR......i have more than sufficent finds as my bank has advised GLADIATOR.....

  Starfox 21:19 04 Jan 2005

I sympathise with you, you want a computor from Gladiator, you have the money but they wont take it, well it's their loss as you say.
I had a similar experience with a well known pc manufacturer in England, I ordered a pc from them for my cousin who lives in N Ireland and asked if it could be delivered to him over there "No sir, we don't deliver to countries outside the UK" was their reply.Obviously they never studied geography, I tried to explain that N Ireland was part of the UK but I was wasting my time.

  Forum Editor 22:46 04 Jan 2005

but unfortunately we don't have any control over the way other companies run their business.

As Starfox says - it's their loss.

  SHEMMYBOY 22:59 04 Jan 2005

thank you starfox..obviously some people in business in uk didnt study geography or history at school......
to forum editor...u aint much help

  Forum Editor 00:08 05 Jan 2005

Exactly what kind of help were you expecting? I'm not here to work miracles, and as I've already explained once - if a company decides it doesn't want to send computers to addresses in Northern Ireland it's perfectly entitled to do so.

Making offensive comments about UK business people isn't going to alter the fact, and neither is being rude to me. Perhaps it's time to say farewell to you and your gripe.

  Forum Editor 17:15 05 Jan 2005

we've been contacted by Gladiator computers, who wanted to explain the reason for their inability to accept your order. The text of their response - which seems to make perfect sense to me - is as follows:-

"Thank you for your feedback, and sorry to hear you had a problem spending money with us!
To protect from fraud and chargebacks we use an advanced address verification system, this ensures that we are dealing with the card holder and sending the goods to their address. When performing a card holder not present transaction we must get a signature to authorise the transaction, we do this by delivering to an address where we can prove you live.
It would seem that the Bank of Ireland have not provided the information we require to complete this security check, and as it is a crucial part of processing the order it has caused these problems.
We ship to hundreds of customers in N.Ireland and we fully accept that they are part of the UK. We do not ship outside the UK and we can not communicate with banks based outside the UK.
I hope this hasn’t caused too much inconvenience, we must protect ourselves and our customers from fraud and follow the guidelines in place from the card companies, like other computer e-tailers we get many fraud attempts each week, some go to great lengths to trick us into sending goods, our tight security ensures we are not affected, and this helps us keep our prices down
If the card issue can not be resolved then we have many other payment options, you can use phone or internet banking to send the money over, send a cheque use an alternative card or if you prefer pay good old money into our account over a bank counter.
I hope that clears up any concerns you have.

Kind Regards

Adam Godfrey
Gladiator Computers Customer Service"

So there you have it - there's always more than one side to a story.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:34 05 Jan 2005

Seems perfectly reasonable to me. There is no way anyone on this forum would send out goods without proof of address.


  simonp1 18:53 05 Jan 2005

Good one Gladiator computers for responding and totally agree with them.

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