PC Advice Needed Urgently Please

  Hairdo 15:03 17 May 2008

Hi, i dont know that much about compiuter specs so i was hoping that i could get your expect advice :)

My PC is about to come to the end of the line and I was looking about to get a new one. I use my PC for internet and general use but I do play alot of Football Manager. I found three inspiron 530s with the specs but im not sure if their good enough (dont have the biggest budget, around £300, so it might have to be one of these) was hoping someone could have a look and tell me which one to choose. Ive listed them below,

Dell Inspiron 530s
Intel E6750 Core 2 Duo 2.66GHz Processor
2GB DDR2 667 MHz
500 GB Storage SATA 7200rpm Hard Drive
Onboard Video
Onboard Sound
USB Ports
19 In 1 Card Reader
Windows XP Pro with Licence

Dell Inspiron 530s
Intel E6550 Core 2 Duo 2.3GHz Processor
3GB DDR2 667 MHz
500 GB Storage SATA 7200rpm Hard Drive
Onboard Video
Onboard Sound
USB Ports
19 in 1 Card Reader
Windows XP Pro with Licence

Dell Inspiron 530s
Intel E6550 Core 2 Duo 2.60GHz Processor
2GB DDR2 667 MHz
250 GB Storage SATA 7200rpm Hard Drive
Onboard Video
Onboard Sound
USB Ports
19 In 1 Card Reader
No Windows)

Thanks a million in advance

  Forum Editor 17:01 17 May 2008

but to be honest, if you're expecting to play games you should not be relying on an onboard graphics processor.

  Hairdo 17:29 17 May 2008

Thanks for the reply,

Would it be possible to buy a seperate one and put it into the PC? Just with Dell ive read that it cant be done with some machines.

Any card recommendations?

  Forum Editor 19:06 17 May 2008

I'm not the man for that question - gaming isn't my thing I'm afraid. We have plenty of regulars who will give you the information you need though, so stand by.

You'll certainly be able to add a card, provided there's a free slot on the motherboard.

  GaT7 20:54 17 May 2008

Please post links to the machines or site.

Does your £300 budget include/exclude a graphics card (GPU) upgrade?

Correct me if wrong, but Football Manager (FM) can get by with an OK (low-midrange) graphics card, right? Can you post the game's *recommended* GPU requirements?

As a 530s comes in a 'slim' tower, you'll only be able to install a low-profile (LP) or half-height GPU, & most probably one with NO extra power supply (PSU) requirement.

A 530s should have a free 16x PCI-E GPU slot, & its PSU powerful enough for most mid-low GPU upgrades.

One card to consider is the LP 8600GT click here. They used to do a LP 7600GS (click here), but it doesn't seem to be available anymore. Compatible (but not necessarily powerful enough) LP cards on eBay click here.

Like the FE, I'd go for the 1st PC too. But I guess that's also the costliest, & with the GPU upgrade exceed your budget?

I notice the last system doesn't have an OS installed, so only go for it if you're looking to save a bit & have a genuine unused retail/OEM Windows disk. G

P.S. Apologies for the somewhat long-winded reply, but hopefully does a thorough job of it ;-). Don't hesitate to ask more questions though :-), & post those links I asked for

  Hairdo 01:08 18 May 2008

No apology needed, all replies welcome thanks.

To be honest FM goes 'ok' on what i got already but my pc seriously needed to go!

i guess the budget would include the card but i have my mind set on the inspiron 530s really just because i like the look of it.

So do you think the first pc would run smoothly then? im bidding for it on ebay, would cost £200, do you think thats good value?

Is the card you recommended easy to install?

once again, thanks for the response

  Acx 03:16 18 May 2008

The card you can get depends on a lot of things, a dedicated graphics card in a £300 computer, I would be amazed.

Im bidding for it on ebay?

What are you bidding for? Can you provide a link?

  res!stance D()g 12:14 18 May 2008

hi, have a look on click here systems start from £179 for a amd base unit. Customer service is good as well.

  Forum Editor 12:26 18 May 2008

about your "bidding for it on ebay, would cost £200" statement.

be very careful about bidding for computers on Ebay - there are good deals to be had, sometimes, but the truth about life is that you get nothing for nothing, and I advise extreme caution.

Do as Acx suggests, and post a link to this machine, so he can take a look at it.

  Hairdo 12:32 18 May 2008

heres the link,

click here

hope it works, do you think its a good PC?

  GaT7 18:36 18 May 2008

Hairdo - an online company click here that does refurbished Dells, usually with a full warranty - even 3-year onsite in some cases.

That eBay PC looks fine for the money, but make sure it actually comes with those components before (preferably!) & after you receive it - that goes for ANY computer you buy on eBay. Ask as many questions as you can prior to bidding/purchasing. Do some research on the seller about past systems that they may have sold.

Compare them with computers on the market today. Sometimes buying the same/similar PC online from a proper shop could be cheaper than eBay - or, the difference not worth the hassle you may get from an eBay seller if things went wrong. (I've bought ~200 items off eBay in the last 5-6 years, so I'm not trying to put you off buying from eBay).

Also ensure to get one that comes with a Windows disk (even a genuine Recovery disk will do), so that you can reinstall the OS/revert OS to factory state in the future should you need to. Imaging programs are fine, but the restoration process fails at times, so they aren't foolproof.

Get one with a full manufacturer's warranty if you can, & from a manufacturer who isn't likely to collapse tomorrow. Dell, HP, etc are good choices.

Finally, don't be taken in by looks &/or price alone. Quality, value, & future upgradeability (depending on your needs) should be the main things to look for.

Acx - "a dedicated graphics card in a £300 computer, I would be amazed." - Prepare to be very amazed, as people are doing it all the time in a PC that costs less than £100 even :-) G

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