paypal,withdraw payment

  iqs 21:10 12 Dec 2004

hello,i recently transfered payment to someone via paypal,but to an old address.he is unable to receive.his status states status states completd,but how do i withdraw the money.
any halp appreciated.regards mike

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:28 12 Dec 2004

The person to whome you made the payment is going to have to reject it so that it gets returned to your account.

  Salinger 21:44 12 Dec 2004

Sounds like Catch 22, if he can't claim it how can he reject it?

  iqs 22:09 12 Dec 2004

hi,thank you both for your help...i have contacted the seller to ask how to withdraw the money.but like you say"if he can't claim it how can he reject it".i will wait for his reply.....does this mean i have lost £2 in cyber space?.i will keep you up-dated.once again thanks .regards,mike

  spuds 10:45 13 Dec 2004

Doe's PayPal have the remedy in their trading conditions!.

If not,then I would email them for an answer.

  Dorsai 18:43 13 Dec 2004

One would hope that if goes unclaimed for long enough paypal will automatically return it. After all, it is not their money.

How long 'long enough' would be is anyones guess.

At least it is only £2, not £2000.

but i do think there is somthing in their terms that allows *you* to (or at least request that) the transaction be reversed. But i dont know how.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:37 13 Dec 2004

Take a look at this from Paypal click here= I think getting your recipient to log into his Paypal account and reject the payment may be the only way.

  hockeystar1985 20:39 13 Dec 2004

I have to agree with Mr Mistoffelees. I would say you should contact them click here and explain your situation.

  iqs 21:23 13 Dec 2004

hello all and thanks for the help.i have received an email from the seller,who has been very helpful.paypal have said if the money is not claimed for after 30 days,the funds will be transferred back to my dorsai said at leats its only £2 not £2000.after i receive the funds,the seller will issue a new payment request in 30 days.but the item will be posted i said very helpful.once again thanks for all your regards,mike

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