PayPal - what's the limit of a "personal" account?

  Bansaw 13:32 26 Feb 2009

I have a "Personal, Verified" PayPal account.

But I can't find out what limit of money I can RECEIVE.
I am hoping to sell my camcorder on Ebay and it will sell for about £500.

On the help files its says I should click on the link "view limits" but there is no link.

There are also Premier and Business accounts.
Anyone know the receiving limits?

  Grantrh 14:09 26 Feb 2009

Looks like its £1700 click here

But remember unless the person who buys your camcorder pays you from a paypal balance (and not funded using credit/debit card) then you wont be able to recieve the funds until you upgarde to premier/business account.

  Bansaw 14:27 26 Feb 2009

Thanks --
It looks like I may have to upgrade to "Premier" which means payPal will take a chunk of the £500.

I think they take from 1.9% to 2.9% plus $0.30
per transaction.

There doesn't seem to be a fee for upgrading to Premier..? Is that right?

click here

  Grantrh 15:10 26 Feb 2009

Yes upgrading is free - they get their money from the money you receive - I notice you put a $ sign in front of the 0.30 - are you in The USA because if you are it might be different - I just assumed you were in the UK because PC Advisor is based here as far as I am aware.
Why don't you upgrade only if you need to rather than before the event?

  Bansaw 15:24 26 Feb 2009

Its funny, but I am in the USA, but I am British and my PayPal account is linked to my UK bank a/c!

The item I want to sell is here in the US and will be appearing on US Ebay.
I may have to set up another PayPal account under a different email addr.

I tried "Adding new bank a/c" but that caused it all kinds of confusion, because it thinks I am in the UK.:s

I have to upgrade before I post on Ebay because I am sure the potential buyer won't have a "balance" in Paypal, but linked to his/her card.

  spuds 17:21 26 Feb 2009

PayPal and eBay have been making some changes recently, as to the way they are conducting business.

Because you are US based, with a UK PayPal account,I would suggest that you contact PayPal direct for possible answers. They may provide the answers direct or suggest links to their terms and conditions.

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