is paypal now safe to use?

  iqs 20:15 02 Jul 2006

Hi,Some time ago I read an article on this site regarding Paypal.It reported that PP had been compromised.I can not recall the exact details,but from what I can recall it mentioned the possibility of your user name and password falling into the wrong hands.I have not used PP since reading the article,I was waiting for an update.....As this issue been addressed,as PP issued a statment to clarify the issue and that's it's now safe to use it's on-line payment service????.Many thanks,Mike

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:32 02 Jul 2006

I've never stopped using Paypal and have never had a problem.

  spuds 20:52 02 Jul 2006

I use eBay and PayPal on a daily basis,and have done so for a long time now. So far (crossed fingers)everything been alright.

  SG Atlantis® 21:11 02 Jul 2006

don't belive all the media hype.

Just be careful and protect your details as you would with online banking and you'll be fine.

tips I follow:
Don't type in your details on someone elses computer/public computer.

Don't use hyperlinks to take you to financial sites - type the address yourself.

You should only submit details on the original authentic website, type the address yourself to be sure.

Don't answer emails requesting sensitive info like log in details or bio information, no organisation will ask for this by email.

....and I have never had issues with ebay or paypal.

  Wilham 23:04 02 Jul 2006

I'm more confident with Paypal than I am with my credit cards. I'm a buyer and it's Paypal that tells seller my address. Ok, a crook armed with my user/password could try to change details of my a/c, given time. Paypal charges my credit card and sends me email every transaction/change. Credit card company sends me a/c by post 14 days before I part with money, as well as providing running a/c online.

A big grumble from sellers is the long time they wait to be paid. I see this delay as a safeguard against fraud.

I've paid 40 a/c so far with Paypal without hitch and feel like others above. But I'd like to hear if unknowingly I'm vulnerable.

  Forum Editor 23:17 02 Jul 2006

as spuds, but I often set up Paypal payment systems on websites which I design for clients. I also operate a PayPal account, and have never had a problem. Not one of my clients has had any trouble either.

Follow spuds' excellent advice with regard to security, and I'm sure all will be well. Stories about PayPal problems always need to be judged in context - the company is one of the world's biggest online payment processors,with over 86 million customers and handles millions of dollars worth of transactions daily. Some 70% of all Ebay transactions are settled via PayPal. The company's online loss rate as a result of fraud is around 0.5%, which is one of the lowest in the industry.

  Mr Beeline 23:25 02 Jul 2006

Now I use Paypal myself and have for quite a while but the following site makes interesting reading (well some of it).

click here

  Snec 02:57 03 Jul 2006

I am an eBay seller who ONLY accepts payment via PayPal. Despite what Wilham (above) has heard, payment is instant except from clients with no credit card or funds in their PayPal account. Payments made from a UK bank account, via PayPal, do take a long time (up to 18 days in fact)and I do not accept those people as customers anyway. I used to but this fact is not properly explained by PayPal and because they think they have made an instant payment customers do not understand why delivery is taking so long. Rather than upset people or have to try explaining all this each time I just have these people blocked.

In over five years selling at the rate of 30 to 40 items per week I have not had one single problem.

Most problems you hear about are from sellers who have not adhered to PayPal's T&C. These sellers leave themselves vunerable to rogue buyers who know all the tricks of getting something for nothing using eBay & PayPal. It's so easy to do. But it is equally as easy for a seller to ensure they don't get caught. When they get stung (it's a daily occurrence) then they complain about eBay & Paypal, but really it is there own fault, oh, and the dishonest buyers of course.

PayPal, if used properly is safe and sound, particularly for the buyer.

  Snec 03:00 03 Jul 2006

there own __*their own*__ geez, don't you just hate it when you do that! ;o)

  spuds 09:45 03 Jul 2006

Following on from what as been stated above, PayPal is a very easy, fairly good and safe way of transferring funds. Click a button, and the deals done, saves all those alternatives of writing cheques and posting, with the delays they occur.But it can have certain failures and drawbacks, regarding administration procedures following a dispute procedure.

I tend to find that their actions can leave voids, as to the actual processes they adopt. Correspondence always seems to have a non-committal reply, and shrouds of secrecy seems to occur only to often. But if you stick with it, the end results usually turn out fine.

Just to correct one slight error above. The FE stated 'spuds' as giving excellent advice with regard to security. This was actually provided by SG Atlantis, but I fully agree with the suggestions made.

  iqs 10:56 03 Jul 2006

Hello and many thanks for your comments.When I read articles about Paypal being hijacked or alleged security issues ,it does concern me.

Like most of you I have been using Paypal for some time.To date I can not fault Paypal,faultless transaction everytime.I only log onto my account via my own Pc,I always checks for Spyware/key loggers ete.....Great advice SG Atlantis® .

This morning I used Paypal and everything went as normal.

Once again thank you for all your comments, it was appreciated.Take care.

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