PayPal fraud

  Si_L 23:43 11 Aug 2008

An unauthorised payment has been made out of my PayPal for an item on Ebay that I never bought. Its a substantial amount, and needs to be chased up of course.

Will I definitely be able to be reimbursed? Who do I need to go to to get this sorted? PayPal or Ebay? Or my bank?

  mrwoowoo 00:01 12 Aug 2008

Paypal is definately your first course of action.
Get in touch and see what they say.They should be able to suspend the payment untill it's sorted,even though it's been bought.
The details of the transaction will be in your paypal account and as such should have a delivery address.
Perhaps you could pass this on to the police.

  mrwoowoo 00:03 12 Aug 2008

0ops.. definitely

  mrwoowoo 00:21 12 Aug 2008

Has it shown as an item won in your E-bay account?
Also you should have an item won e-mail notification from e-bay.
Have you checked your account details in Paypal by typing the web address for
Paypal and not following an e-mail link.
Some spoof e-mails tell you this sort of thing and look like the real Paypal ones,then when you sign in,out of panic they get your password details.Never click on a link,however genuine looking.
Go to Paypal and change your password if you haven't already.
Hopefully it's a spoof and nothing has been taken.
Paypal cover you for up to £500.00.

  Forum Editor 00:28 12 Aug 2008

I'll move it now.

  Si_L 01:36 12 Aug 2008

Its definitely not a spoof, the money has been debited from my bank account, and luckily, is just under £500.

The ebay item shows as won by someone else, I have checked my ebay account carefully and can see no trace of the item payed for with my money. The item in question was Euro notes.

I have emailed Paypal and am expecting a response in 10 working days, I'll update then.

  laurie53 07:41 12 Aug 2008

This happened to me for a three figure sum recently.

I e-mailed Pay Pal as soon as I noticed, late on a Sunday evening.

They rang me back within minutes and I was reimbursed in less than two hours.

  GRIDD 10:12 12 Aug 2008

"The ebay item shows as won by someone else"

This is because the paypal account doesn't have to be in your name to pay for something on ebay.

As they are the same company perhaps they should tie this loose end up.

  Si_L 12:22 12 Aug 2008

For some reason the money was refunded into my account today, not by PayPal but by the guy who took it in the first place. I don't know whats going on but I'm glad I have my money back.

I've changed my password and security questions, anything else I should do?

  mrwoowoo 16:17 12 Aug 2008

Glad that's sorted.Rather strange though.
Do a full scan with anti virus and anti spyware software and check for key loggers etc.
You've changed your Paypal password and your Ebay passwords as well i hope.
Apart from that,i can't think of anything else.

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