PayPal Charges

  morddwyd 08:48 15 Mar 2015

I've just been asked to pay extra for using PayPal.

I've never come across that before. Have I just been lucky, or is this something new?

  bumpkin 09:59 15 Mar 2015

Not my idea of lucky.

  morddwyd 10:54 15 Mar 2015

I would regard not being asked to pay charges a couple of times a week for ten years or more at least having been fortunate, if not exactly lucky!

  bumpkin 11:13 15 Mar 2015

I must have missunderstood what you meant.

  onthelimit1 11:36 15 Mar 2015

This says it's free to buy something if currency exchange is not involved.

  lotvic 12:02 15 Mar 2015

Who is asking you to pay extra? The seller or Paypal? Doesn't sound right anyway, seems like you're being scammed.

  bumpkin 12:12 15 Mar 2015

I have never been asked to pay charges as a buyer. If you are a seller then a different matter. I assumed you are a buyer so being asked to pay extra does not strike me as fortunate.

  alanrwood 13:05 15 Mar 2015

Never been asked to pay more if using Paypal. This has to be either a scam or the thin end of the wedge as happened with credit cards some years ago

  Forum Editor 14:04 15 Mar 2015

There are no charges if you are the buyer, provided no currency conversion is involved.

There are of course transaction charges if you are a seller.

  Batch 14:07 15 Mar 2015

Certainly sellers are levied fees as part of doing business using paypal, but I'd checkout the paypal Ts&Cs. Charging extra to the buyer for using paypal maybe against their rules. If it's an ebay purchase, I'd definitely think that it would be against some sort of ebay/paypal rules.

Having said that, I know that paypal supports the concept of either the payer OR the payee paying the paypal fees.

As a slight aside, it is possible to make fee free transfers (not payments) if you are transferring funds in the same currency to someone else when it is not in consideration (e.g. of a business transaction). I used this once (for inbound transfers) when I was organising a reunion and needed cash up front. I gave the bods the opportunity of using paypal, but requested that they specifically flagged them as a personal transfers so that paypal did not levy fees.

  bumpkin 14:27 15 Mar 2015

* Have I just been lucky,*


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