PayPal account attack?

  [DELETED] 19:08 28 Mar 2006


I just got an email which is apparently from Paypal saying that my account had been attempted at a hijack from a forign IP address, it also states i should also click on this link on the email for verifcation purposes.

Is this a genuinue email?? has anyone else had this ?


  GaT7 19:38 28 Mar 2006

Do NOT click on the link provided in the email, but go directly to the secure PayPal website click here, login & check your account. G

  [DELETED] 19:40 28 Mar 2006

same thing happend to me so no way dont even think about logging in through ur paypal instead send an email to paypal security and they will sort it out, i did the same
Rgds Asim

  Stuartli 19:44 28 Mar 2006

PayPal has been the subject of a WatchDog story tonigt...

  [DELETED] 20:47 28 Mar 2006

Almost certainly a phishing attack.

I occasionally do transactions via eBay/PayPal whilst away from my home IP, including away from good old Blighty(!) & have NEVER had a report sent by PP.

If in doubt, forward such messages to [email protected] & leave them to it.

  [DELETED] 21:06 28 Mar 2006

forwarding address is [email protected]

  spuds 11:10 29 Mar 2006

I get withdrawal systems, if I do not receive one form or another of PayPal communications doing the week.Most are asking for personal details before they suspend my account (not happened so far. They have more to lose than I do). And other emails offer me all sorts of incentives like free postal charges, reduced fees and the possible chance of winning a free mini car (These are genuine PayPal emails. How do I know-security identification).

  [DELETED] 20:19 30 Mar 2006

Never respond to these - -- go online to paypal independantly and there will be a message if you have problems

I had this also

  GaT7 17:54 31 Mar 2006

spuds: "I get withdrawal systems..." - are you saying your PC actually gets withdrawal SYSTEMS??! Anyway, I think humans usually get the other type, lol :0)))

On a more serious note, you can unsubscribe from such messages by going into your Account > Profile > Notifications (under Account Information), UNtick the "Partner/ Third Party Promotions" box (& PayPal Developer Network updates box?) & save the changes. I've not had a single spam message from PayPal ever since I joined in 2002. _________________________________________________

Just to see where it all goes, I recently followed a bank phishing email, changed my email address in the message's external URL to a false one & entered a made up name, login number, memorable word, etc, etc at the fraud site & submitted the info.

I was thinking if the phishing site recorded my IP address, they could trace it back to me, my ISP, etc - am I right, or have I watched too many hacker-type films recently? How much (or how little) info of me could they garner from one visit? G

P.S. - My above behaviour is probably quite foolish, if not a waste of time, so please NObody else do what I've done!

  [DELETED] 18:52 31 Mar 2006

Crossbow7's post reminds me of something I did a few months ago after a few (too many) glasses of the 'water of life'...

I tried doing what he did (false data), but I kept getting an Error message saying that my submitted email address wasn't recognised...

What sort of databases do these crooks have access to?

(& I don't go online after imbibing now!)

  GaT7 19:22 31 Mar 2006

g0slp, I think it may have accepted my fake email address as it was a plausible one - no gobbledygook.

At least you have an excuse for your behaviour (valid or not). I'm a teetotaller - the main liquid I imbibe is of the H2O variety, the original water of life! G

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