Storik 09:40 18 May 2006

This is an email received today under "Service Agreement". Is this yet another scam?

>>>"Dear users of PayPal services,

Due to upcoming year 2006, and recent changes in PayPal's Service Agreement you need to submit additional details on your PayPal account. Starting from 2006 all PayPal accounts will come with complete detailed information! Identity protection matters. And PayPal works day and night to help keep your identity safe."

I've only copied the gist of the email, but am reluctant to do anything about "my account" - and anyway, according to this email, if I do not send my account details, my account will be deleted from the system within 72 hours of receiving this email.

Should this be ignored and the email deleted?


  jimv7 09:53 18 May 2006

Its a scam, forward it to www [email protected] or delete it.

Ebay will NEVER ask for your details.

  Storik 10:01 18 May 2006

Thanks! I thought it might be yet another scam and assure you that I NEVER give out bank/account details over the internet. :)

Will do as you advised.


  Stuartli 16:27 18 May 2006

e-Bay and (IIRC) PayPal emails include your website(s) username, so it's easy to spot the genuine e-mails.

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