ened 14:16 03 Nov 2004

Does anybody know anything about them?
I tried to register and they took both my Bank a/c details and Credit Card.
But then rejected my verification by saying I had failed to answer the telephone when I had.
Since then I have sent repeated Emails but received no reply.
I am sure they are trustworthy but do not consider it a good start to a business relationship.

  961 14:21 03 Nov 2004

How did you get to the Pay Pal site and did it have a genuine encrypted site?

  ened 14:46 03 Nov 2004

I want to start selling and it seemed the best way was thru Paypal.
The site started off: https.

When I first opened a PayPal account thru Ebay, I only registered a Credit Card and had no problems.

There were certainly no phone calls involved?

I have since added a bank account specifically for use with PayPal so I can withdraw my funds, but it was all done online, again, no phone calls.

This sounds odd to me.

  hkvic 15:54 03 Nov 2004

I've been using Paypal for over 2 years now - registered cards and bank accs. In all the time I have used them, I have never had a phone call, it's all been dealt with online.

  ened 16:07 03 Nov 2004

They instigated the call. The page for verification stated that I would receive a call and then I had to type a specific code into the keypad of my phone. I did it exactly as they said but, immediately I had done so, the screen came up claiming I failed to answer. No second chances and I am supposed to wait whilst they contact me by snail mail. I have mailed them but not received any response, not even an acknowledgement.

  hkvic 16:15 03 Nov 2004

If in doubt, first of all check your bank acc to make sure that no unauthorised withdrawls have been made.

Call them on 08707 307 191 (customer services)

You'll need:
* Your telephone number
* Your email address
* The last four digits of your credit card or bank account registered with PayPal.

  ened 16:20 03 Nov 2004

I agree with CoB. I does sound odd, although I had followed the links from Ebay.
I was really hoping someone else would have had this problem but found it all came right in the end.
As I said before: I am always wary of organisations who don't reply to mail, especially when it is a message generated through their page.

  Jdoki 16:29 03 Nov 2004

PayPal calls you as part of the verification process now.

I originally signed up a long time ago, but had the 'unverified' tag against my user name.

When I started selling more on eBay I decided to become 'verified'. In this case one of the checks PayPal does is to phone you. I had to pick up the phone listen to an automated message which gave me a code, I then had to enter this on the web site.

They also deposited two small amounts in my registered bank account (less than 5p each), which I then had to confirm on the PayPal site once my statement had come through.

If you are currently an unverified user you can check this out on by clicking the unverified link.

  hkvic 16:40 03 Nov 2004

Thanks for clearing that one it a recent move by them? When I became verified a coule of years ago, there were no phone calls involved.

  ened 16:43 03 Nov 2004

They never mentioned anything about an automated message.
They said to answer the phone and type in the code which they had given me. Perhaps I had to listen to the message before keying in the numbers which would explain why they rejected it. But it still doesn't excuse their ignorance in ignoring my mails.
Do I take it from what you have said that I can use PayPal without being verified. (That was one of the questions I am waiting for an answer to)
hkvic I tried calling but was put on hold!!!!!

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