Paying by credit card on Ebay

  cara 22:18 24 Apr 2004

I am considering buying an item on Ebay.

Having just rung up for information from my credit card company - they were rather vague as to whether or not I would be covered if it went pear shaped, so to speak. Particularly as Ebay are a 'third party'.

I did point out that I assumed that I would pay the individual directly (rather than use Ebays Paypal system).

So not really a definitive reply. Incidentally, the seller suggested Postal Orders or a Bank Draft as being the best way to pay. Not much protection though this way?

Anyone able to advise on using a credit card on Ebay - and would it be better to use Paypal?

Thank you.

  Smallus Minimus 22:48 24 Apr 2004

All I can say is that I always use credit cards via Paypal on Ebay, unless the seller doesn't offer the option. Never had any trouble at all.

What's more: on a couple of occasions, when the purchases have proved to be somewhat less than expected, it has been no problem to return and receive refund.

  spuds 00:02 25 Apr 2004

If you can obtain a copy of PC Pro [June 2004], there is a interesting article in that magazines Helping Hand page regarding a problem with payments via eBay.

I was also reading somewhere, that due to the way the Paypal/eBay set-up works,the credit card companies are exempt via the Credit Consumers Act.Whether the credit card company will assist you, will depend on the credit card companies terms and conditions plus goodwill.

  pj123 15:02 25 Apr 2004

I have bought many things on ebay and had no problems, yet. I always pay by cheque (it takes longer as the seller always waits for the cheque to clear before sending the goods) I also understood that ebay has its own protection system providing you don't buy "outside" the auction?

  arricarry 19:37 26 Apr 2004

You should get a feel for the seller by looking at his ratings. I would never buy items from the USA as you are at the mercy of the seller if it goes wrong and he is 5000 miles away in another country. If you do not spend vast sums e-bay is a bit of fun, I have obtained a few bargains and a few non bargains, usually use pay pal if it is offered.

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