Pay as you go mobile broadband

  morris948 15:08 16 Mar 2010

Does anyone know of a true pay as you go for mobile broadband.
i have seen some of them offer payg, but there is a time limit to use it.
I am looking for mobile broadband that allows you to buy for example 2 Gbyte of download, and when it is used up, you buy some more- just like a payg mobile phone would, but no time limit.

  dms_05 16:51 16 Mar 2010

Vodafone did offer 1 GB download without time limit. However they now seem to have withdrawn this and come into line with the other operators who offer time limited but contract free. Even then with Vodafone you had to connect at least once every 180 days or you lost the balance outstanding.

If you hunt around you will find some variations on the theme, for example T-Mobile have a very special offer of 6 months for £20 if you buy from a source who knows about it. This seems to be unlimited (but people say 2 GB/month is safe) and works out quite well.

However PAYG Mobile Broadband is sold differently to voice services and time limited seems the norm.

  morris948 17:53 16 Mar 2010

I saw this offer which is close to true payg, where you buy one years worth of data (12Gb) and you can top up if you consume it all before the years out.
But does anyone know what happens after the year is up? are you committed to buy another years data or can you just stop using it forever.
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  dms_05 08:04 17 Mar 2010

My guess is the offer will be well over in 12 months and you will have to revert to time limited top ups. I bought a Vodafone time unlimited SIM that is still active but when I use the data allowance it will revert to time limited even though the offer at the POS was time unlimited.

The offer you are looking at is without Contract so you can do whatever you want after the initial 12 months. However as you can buy these USB dongles from supermarkets for about £20 you are paying £60 for a years use. If you buy £15 top ups they will last for 4 months for the same price - so it depends upon your usage pattern. In my case I use the dongle for about 1 week every 3 months so a weeks top up for £7 would suit me and cost £30 per years.

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