A pat on the back for Mesh Computers

  Teaboy 17:31 29 Mar 2004

A short while ago I ordered a computer from Mr Mesh. It arrived on time,and is working fine. Only the speaker system did not work. They were returned to the company for repair or exchange. Mr Mesh did not muck about, he sent me a complete set of new speakers. This is the Pat. He sent me an upgrade set of speakers with higher specifications! Thank you Mr Mesh!
Now where do I put seven speakers and woofer in a small box room.

  Stuartli 17:36 29 Mar 2004

I had an equally satisfactory experience when buying a system on behalf of an elderly friend from Mesh - it arrived on time late last September, worked out of the box and has been faultless ever since.

  rickimalone 18:56 29 Mar 2004

A pat from me also got system last week on time, worked like a dream and the one issue I had was resolved in under 24hrs.
Very impressive

  claudine 05:48 30 Mar 2004

Well I think I will add my praise to this thread. After a small hiccup with delivery, my Media+ 300 TFX (with extra bells and whistles that my son assures me are essential) arrived on Friday. I was too late to call the helpline, and annoyingly the free online support page wouldn't take my details, so I made a list of all my queries over the weekend and at nine am yesterday I was on the phone.

I had heard some uncomplementary things about Mesh helplines but I must say they couldn't have been more helpful or more courteous. There were a few things that the first person needed to get someone to call me back about and I asked if he could call after one and guess what? He called dead on one! And then again an hour later (I was out). So I am seriously impressed.

Also thank you to everyone who helped with my questions. I have done a major upgrade of our stuff here over the past three months - new laptop, new desktop, wireless network, and this site has been invaluable to me

  YAN003 08:37 30 Mar 2004

Praise here too.....

Received Matrix 3400 A64 25/03/04 on time and worked straight out of the box.

One small issue on Sunday and an arranged call to me by Technical Support (at a time that suited me)resolved the issue on Monday.

  MESH Response 09:34 30 Mar 2004

As a company we are continually looking to improve our hardware and service support to you - the MESH Customer. Our principal aim is a simple one though, that of Customer Satisfaction. As such we hope to be flexible in our approach and we look to constantly revaluate our internal processes to better develop our service to you in the future.

We thank you (so far) for your considerate words and appreciate that from time to time we don’t get it right, however the important thing to consider is we do attempt to rectify any such situation promptly with the best of intentions. Again should any reader of this feel that they need assistance in any aspect of their MESH purchase, please don’t hesitate to contact Davey at MESH Support [email protected] who will be happy to look into any situation.

We thank you for your custom and look forward to continuing to improve our service to you in the future.

Regards – MESH Response.

  wags 13:35 30 Mar 2004

The Sony DVD rom on my 6 month old MESH system packed up very recently. I reported the symptoms via 'Support' on the Mesh website at about 10pm and got a response by 9.30am the following morning advising me to check a few things first. I did what I was told to do, but still didn't work, so responded again via Mesh's website and received a further reply within a few hours with further advice. This didn't work, so next I get a call from an engineer who visited me at home and replaced the DVD rom.

Great service from Mesh, no 'ifs or buts' and I never needed to telephone or speak to anyone other than the engineer.

I have 2 Mesh PCs and am thinking of buying a third this year......what more can I say !

  XP Medic 22:21 10 Apr 2004

I have just ordered my new self build system from Mesh and await delivery on the 24/4/04. This will be my third Mesh computer and as always expect no problems. I have always found the quality, build and service most excellent.

  myrhic 00:51 11 Apr 2004

My Mesh PC is almost 3 years old and still does all I want from it. Recently I've had to replace the cd burner and increase the memory and that couldn't have been easier, the case is so user friendly.

In January a colleague was boasting about the spec of the Dell PC she was about to order. I shewed her the ad in PC Advisor and what she'd get for the same outlay and she's well happy with her Mesh PC and the better deal she got.

Well deserved praise, Mesh.


  Forum Editor 10:03 11 Apr 2004

that I'm very much encouraged to see how Mesh appear to be trying hard to improve customer service.

There was a time when hardly a day went by without a disgruntled forum member telling a tale of woe, but lately we're seeing more of these complimentary threads. Things like this don't just happen - it takes a lot of hard work and positive management.

Well done Mesh - we welcome the change, and if we're permitted to blow our own trumpet a little I would like to think that our forum played a tiny part in bringing this about.

  Southernboy 13:44 13 Apr 2004

a six-year old Mesh that is still going strong. I have never had to call out the engineers, and the only time I had to call the helpline, was to request a new driver disc when I upgraded from W95 to W98, which was duly supplied. I had thought about buying another Mesh, but have been dithering for the last year because of all the adverse comments in these forums. Perhaps the time has come to take the plunge?

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