Passport fees going up?

  EFC1878 21:16 21 Jul 2009

I am not sur eif this appropriate for this site but here goes...

I have been told that passport fees are going up in September. Does anybody know if this is true and if so any further details?

  beeuuem 21:31 21 Jul 2009

The increase will take effect from 3 September from, click here
As anyone knows the way to improve revenue flow when demand has fallen is to increase the price.
Works especially well when you have a monopoly.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:19 21 Jul 2009

UK PLC has nearly £800bn of debt..gotta pay the man somehow.


  Pamy 22:23 21 Jul 2009

You do not have to waite for passport to run out,so if near, renew now

  anchor 13:44 22 Jul 2009

Does anyone know how long does it takes to get a renewed passport back at this time?.

  Pamy 15:03 22 Jul 2009

anchor, if you renew via post office and have them check it all out(extra cost) about 10days or less

  Pamy 15:06 22 Jul 2009
  dth 16:00 22 Jul 2009

same here - about 10 days (Peterborough office)

  bluto1 21:12 22 Jul 2009

Thanks for the info, I'm off to renew tomorrow.

  birdface 07:48 23 Jul 2009

You save £1.35 if you wait till September and renew it by post.Remember the post office will charge you for each passport which can work out quite expensive if You have a largish family.

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