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  Ancient Learner 15:14 14 May 2006

Has anyone any recommendations for some software please,

My PC gets used very occasionally by my grandchildren, and after the last usage I found an unsuitable site showing in my Browser listing of sites recently used - worrying. Their own PCs at their home are apparently protected, but when they get to Granddads - Oh Joy - it ain't! So, as it's impossible to keep an eye on them 100% of the time, I'd better do something about it.

  rodriguez 15:32 14 May 2006

It's probably best to find out what protection they use on their own PC's at home and put exactly the same on yours. Then you can copy all the settings they use at home and they will get the same level of protection. This should make it easier than installing new software that's different to what they're used to.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:33 14 May 2006

click here and if you are concerned you will not mind paying £22. This click here is a good site with lots of useful advice.


  Ancient Learner 17:41 14 May 2006

No, I don't mind paying £22, but we have a PC and a Laptop to prtect, which seems to suggest that we need 2 licences, which is starting to look a bit expensive, but if that is it, so be it.

  Belatucadrus 15:02 15 May 2006

click here For a few possible options.

  Ancient Learner 15:56 15 May 2006

Been an interesting and frustrating day, after waiting for over an hour to see a consultant at our local hospital for a 3 minute chat which was really no help at all.

Then I started on the road of discovery re this software. See click here for a comparison of the different ones available.

All about the same price so I went for the first. Downloaded the free trial. Had to register, and the nightmare began - clearly from the questions it was not for the likes of me, retired, only for businesses, so I phoned them for help. The man couldn't understand why I was phoning, because he said the software was unsuitable for my intended use, which is amazing considering what it says on their website. (Left and Right hand problem)

The third was not suitable because it clearly says that it doesn't support Opera.

The second. may be, although it did block this site - now what have you lot been up to I wonder!! However, I eventually found a place to list sites that I didn't want blocked, but I do worry about the damage you people will do to me as I visit. ):-

I'll try it for the 10 days trial. The offending children are here this next weekend so that may test it.

  Ancient Learner 12:19 28 May 2006

I installed Cybersitter. Seemed Ok, but this site was clearly being checked out, it went slow and flickered, so when the kids went home, I removed it,and all was well again. If I must. I will probably go for that, but I'd rather not.

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