Parcelforce48 a passing story

  Diemmess 18:19 04 Oct 2006

I hope the parcel is not lost but time will tell.

Presented a largish parcel at our local sub-PO as they opened at 9.0am yesterday.
Paid the fee and received a print-out as my receipt complete with barcode for tracking purposes.

By late last night I could find no trace of it using the tracking number.
The same this morning.
So after many phone calls and seemingly endless loops and disconnections I tried their website for the phonenumber of helpline.
A helpful soul searched and found that it was indeed on the computer but according to them has yet to leave the local S-PO.

I phoned the local SPO and was told it left at 4.45 yesterday in the normal Royal Mail van. He added that "she the postwoman hadn't seen one of these before."
He said she had signed for all she collected, and what happened next asked I? "I haven't a clue" he said!
My assumption is that she didn't scan the barcode.

An enquiry of R.M.Services local office which funnels all collections, brought a comment that it all goes on to Gloucester for sorting, but she too it seems had no idea about Parcelforce.

A similar parcel left me by the same process a month ago. The tracking was excellent and facinating to follow, with almost instant updates through various depots to the actual point and time of delivery.

So what happens next? I have fingers crossed that it will be delivered tomorrow regardless of what the Parcelforce computer says.

The tracking process presumably has stalled because it wasn't scanned into their computer as it left the post office.
Anyone had a similar story - - preferably with a happy ending?

  spuds 18:31 04 Oct 2006

Yes,we have deliveries and collections nearly every week,similar events have occurred a number of times. The item's usually arrive.

  pj123 18:36 04 Oct 2006

I think you mean "ParcelFarce" and not "ParcelForce"

  Stuartli 19:57 04 Oct 2006

In fairness to ParcelForce I have to state that I have never had a problem with the service, whether I take parcels to the local post office or have them collected from home (arranged online and slightly cheaper).

The only time I had a scare was similar to that of Diemmess, the tracking facility had no record of the parcel after leaving the first sorting depot.

In the event it turned up as expected, but I did complain to the top brass at ParcelForce. To my surprise I was contacted by phone by the Customer Services Manager, who had just taken over the position.

He was very apologetic, agreed that the tracking facility should work as anticipated and also told me, to my surprise, that ParcelForce has four deliveries a day to the main distribution depot of a leading online retailer. That's just one courier..:-)

Even more surprising was that a few days later he sent me shopping vouchers to the value of £20 redeemable in leading high street stores as compensation. Cost of sending the parcel was just over £14...:-)

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:40 04 Oct 2006

Can take longer than the delivery time to appear on the tracking list.
Hope all is well.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 20:43 04 Oct 2006

And if you want a copy of the signature for a "to be signed for" object it can take a couple of weeks.

  Minkey1 22:13 04 Oct 2006

Apologies to Diemmess for jumping in, but I wondered if you got the PF CS Mgr's name/tel no ? I'm trying to chase up a 2' x 3' parcel they've lost, and I suspect I'm going to get their usual "sorry we can't possibly trace an item, here's our (fixed level) compensation instead".
If the guy is good, I might be able to get him to get someone to actually look round the depot. Surely they can't have too many boxes that size laying around (or can they ?!).

  josie mayhem 22:14 04 Oct 2006

I question this not for parcelforce, but it seems every time I've had this facility, it never seems to work for me!

I've not sent anything using this method, but have had it availible when I've ordered something... when I've checked nothing ever shows! But everything has turned up as expected though....

  Stuartli 22:29 04 Oct 2006

Sorry I don't have it any more - it was about a year ago...:-)

  Diemmess 09:55 13 Oct 2006

Parcelforce48 tracking still won't acknowlege any involvement with my parcel, though it arrived safely.

The buyer paid a top price and I was half expecting a "Where's my parcel then?" email from him.

I gave him positive feedback and today he has done the same for me!

So all is well.
My anxiety was entirely due to the sloppy way the parcel was collected from the sub post office.
It was never scanned into the system which presumably refused to accept any later scanning as it passed from one depot to another.

  spuds 10:28 13 Oct 2006

When we first had this 'no trace' tracking problem, we took it up with ParcelForce (similar with Royal Mail). The general findings that came out of the investigation's, was the item's were traceable to the various depot's, but the on-line tracking had not been activated.

As I stated earlier, the item's always seem to arrive, even when you are panicking, and trying to do a trace. Computer on, and showing no trace of item's, and delivery driver knocking on door, with a smile on his face ;o)

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