parcel farce do it again

  Newuser2 17:02 12 Dec 2012

I give up with Parcel Farce. A shipment was dispatched on 24 delivery. THREE days later after hours on the phone the shipment was tracked down, the driver had left it at the local post office, saying that he had tried to deliver it but no one was in. The driver is a liar as I waited in all day. I've put in a claim but as you would expect Parcel Farce have rejected it. I shall make sure never to use them again. If your expecting a delivery, form them don't hold your breath.

  Forum Editor 17:33 12 Dec 2012

I've transferred your thread to Tech Consumer Advice from Speakers Corner.

Calling a ParcelForce driver a liar is not a very sensible thing to do on a public web forum, and frankly I wonder why you posted this thread in the first place.

I find it very difficult to understand why a ParcelForce driver would go to the trouble of taking a package to a local Post Office if you were in. as alan14 says - the ParcelForce driver may have evidence to show that he did stop at your house,and that could be the reason the company has rejected your claim.

Your argument is with ParcelForce, I'm afraid there's nothing we can do to help.

  Newuser2 19:07 12 Dec 2012

Parcel farce have admitted their driver lied so thats that, They are so they say going to speak to him, some good that will do. I have had no end of problems with then in the past and I thought they had got better, obviously not. I get stuff delivered from the USA quicker and without any probs than by parcel farce.

  spuds 21:02 12 Dec 2012

I have regular deliveries from a number of regular delivery services, but I must say that Yodel and ParcelForce are getting very unreliable.

In the case of ParcelForce, I got to know the local driver, or at least I thought that I knew him. One day a few months ago, I was expecting a large parcel. Saw the van pull, and the driver got out and popped a card in the door, informing me that he had called, I was not in, and the parcel was being taken to a post office about 3 miles away (we have the nearest post office about 1 mile away). Why did this happen, and it was very obvious, it was poring down with rain at the time (think about it?).

I made a visit to the post office nominated on the card,and was involved that ParcelForce was expect any time now, would I like to wait. When the driver arrived, both he and the post office staff were not happy bunnies. He because he had had a lousy day, and the post office staff where having to make extra storage room in an already confined area. By the amount of goods the driver had left at the post office, there would be quite a number of very disappointed people that day.

Yodel tend to 'put' things over the fence?.

  Newuser2 17:36 14 Dec 2012

The drivers get a payment for every drop they make, so if they say that no one was in they still get the payment, on this occasion the driver didn't even come down my road parcel farces tracking shows that, so he couldn't leave a card. I'll never use them again and will insist that any further deliveries are not to use them to deliver to me.

The last Yodel delivery (A new phone from Virgin) arrived in a van with no straight panels, all different colors, (a beat up wreck) and the driver didn't speak a word of English.

  Forum Editor 18:18 14 Dec 2012

"The drivers get a payment for every drop they make"

How do you know that?

  Newuser2 18:39 14 Dec 2012

FE one of my suppliers has told me, how much they get I have no idea.

bjh it may of interest to you that the guy I spoke to at parcel farces call center admitted they were having lots of probs with deliveries. As far as I am aware its not a bonus.

  Forum Editor 19:04 14 Dec 2012

Any chance you could refer to the company by its correct name? It's a little childish, this 'parcelfarce' thing.

  spuds 22:47 14 Dec 2012

There seems to be some differing of opinions here. Our local ParcelForce delivery driver, who I said I thought that I got to know, use to deliver to neighbours. But now he doesn't seem to have the time, hence the local Post Office getting rather humpy, due to him leaving items that they really do not have space for.

The card that was left on the non-delivery I had, told me the item was at the Post Office for collection, or I could re-arrange van delivery at another day, but it must be at least 24/48 hours later.

Royal Mail have also changed their methods regarding deliveries, especially to neighbours.


I seem to recall the BBC Watchdog program kitting out some vehicles a couple or so years ago, and clearly marking the vehicles to look like ParcelForce, but with a name change to ParcelFarce, and I think the name change perhaps stemmed from the BBC?.

  Forum Editor 10:15 15 Dec 2012


Yes,I know about the BBC watchdog item. I just have a thing about people who alter the names of companies or people in this way, like those who refer to 'Micro$oft' or 'Tony Bliar'.

It's a juvenile practice, and it irritates me, that's all.

  morddwyd 11:05 15 Dec 2012

My Parcelforce man invariably leaves my parcels in the designated safe place, as requested, and will sometimes, if he sees me out and about, stops in the street to tell me he's done it.

He will even leave a note saying that he noticed some damage and has made a note of it.

As has been said, it's very much down to individuals.

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