Parcel Farce

  byfordr 10:44 03 Mar 2004

I ordered a new HD a few weeks ago. It took a few weeks for the company to source it. It was then released to Parcel Force who sat on it for a few days before attempting delivery. Got a sorry we have missed you card through the door. Trouble was it wasn't correctly filled out, no tracking number, nothing. The phone number on the card wasn't answered. Emails were ignored. Another card came through the door with even less details than the first. It was only by going back to the supplier and saying I would cancel the order that, parcel force came back to me. That was yesterday. Finally took delivery today. Also finally got a email back in response to my mails saying delivery could be rearranged to a work address, and that this would take 3-5 days! Absolutely ridiculous, no wonder the Royal Mail is going down the swanny.

  spuds 10:56 03 Mar 2004

Parcel Force and the Royal Mail [Consignia] are two seperate companies. Last year Parcel Force 'streamlined' their activities and closed my local depot [I live near a large city] in favour for another depot a further 30/35 miles away. An old new ball game started then (;o(

  byfordr 10:58 03 Mar 2004

Unfortunately the superb Shoreham depot closed

Redhill depot just just seem to cut the mustard


  byfordr 11:40 03 Mar 2004

Redhill depot just don't seem to cut the mustard even!

  mikeyb59 16:33 03 Mar 2004

..... can I just point out that Consignia no longer exists - the company is now Royal Mail Group.

Regarding Parcelforce (farce) they are a subsidiary of Royal Mail. And yes, they have had problems which are being dealt with. As a consumer I have always had good service from Parcelforce. I think their website could be improved regarding track and trace as many competitors have a vastly superior service with far more information.

I would ask that people don't knock the service too much as many other courier companies are no better and in some cases far worse

  mikeyb59 16:39 03 Mar 2004

Would like to point out that postmen/women cannot give too much away due to the fact that as "Crown Agents" we are required to observe the Official Secrets Act.

This explains why whenever a postie writes to his local newspaper regarding "whatever" its always "Name and Address supplied". We could get sacked for speaking out of turn!

  spuds 16:58 03 Mar 2004

I do not want to turn this post into an off the subject matter,and I a not getting at you personally, but writing to a newspaper or in some minor 'whistle-blowing'[I hate that word]cases, as nothing to do with the Official Secrets Act. Getting the sack would be by management process.

Similar response from the Post Office, when they re-direct mail, which doesn't show up on their tracking system, and gets lost within the system. "Cannot tell you where your mail as been re-directed to, due to the Data Protection Act".This statement can cover a whole lot of errors.

  R4 20:33 03 Mar 2004

At least you got it, when I returned a my new hard disk (faulty) to the supplier for replacement by Recorded Delevery,They managed to lose and only payed 50% of the value compensation.

  ch0pper 20:35 03 Mar 2004

Oh, I agree that Parcel Force can be a major pain in the backside.

I do a LOT of trading of ceramics via eBay and my experience is that when Parcel Force get it wrong, they do so in a very spectacular manner.

My Royal Mail pacels service is excellent and the guy who covers my area is cheerful and ever helpful. Nothing seems to be too much trouble for him and he's happy to help me shift large parcels anywhere in the house that I need them.

On the other hand, the Parcel Force chaps are sullen and unhelpful. I often get cards in my letter box saying there was no-one home to take delievry when I've been sat in my office upstairs. This means either phoning their office (again unhelpful), waiting for the next day, or driving down to the depot to collect the parcels.

I even had one guy break down in tears at my door when I made the complaint that they didn't have the facilities to to take a credit card payment to clear customs fees and that I needed to find cash or a cheque. He moaned that I didn't understand how stressed his job was. Ever helpful, I suggested that if he found the job so stressful, he should leave and find more suitable employment.

Then, early last December, a Parcel Force van managed to back into one of my gate pillars, dislodging and damaging the brickwork and making the electric gates unusable. One of my neighbours even saw it happen. I phoned various Parcel Force numbers, e-mailed them and got not one reply. They ignored my letters. Eventually, I wrote to Adam Crozier the CEO by registered post and got a reply by return of post. Despite his intervention, the local depot manager has yet to make contact to sort out payment for the repair of the gate.

Clearly, it would seem, there is a problem at the local Parcel Force depot. For one part of Royal Mail to be cheerful and another so despondent suggests serious management failures - ither in culture or ability to select appropriate staff.

My experiences with both TNT and Omega are universally good. My expereinces with Royal Mail Post are good. It's Parcel Force that seems to be the issue.

  byfordr 20:53 03 Mar 2004

I deal with many courier companies, both through work and at home through internet buying. I expect a few missed deliveries, noone is in all of the time. Nothing annoys me more than when you have waited in all day, and you find a card through the door saying delivery has been attempted, or you call up and allegedly the couriers have attempted delivery no card nothing.

Royal mail seems to be going down hill. I don't think this is the fault of the averages employee. Years of mismanagement has taken its toll, and the unfortunate policy of closing depots is not helping.

I deal with firms like TNT on a daily basis, on the whole without problem. Firms like city link click here are also very good. Often going out of their way to make the delivery.

What is annoying is parts of Royal Mail when identifying a short coming in their customers services, do not go the extra mile to rectify the situation and restore customer faith. Thanks goodness they had someone with more customer awareness who dealt with the situation and did it well. Otherwise I would have refused delivery and ordered elsewhere. The funny thing is I was talking to one of my friends about backup devices, suggested the onetouch, suggested Simply as I've always had impectable service. He ordered off Simply yesterday, arrived today. There you go it can be done!

Well i ordered something off ebay from thailand...

2-3 weeks delivery estimated, 4 weeks and nothing, i have a tracking number and i cant seem to track it!

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