recap 18:30 22 Apr 2006

I notice Panrix are back selling computers click here

I bought what I would call my first computer from Panrix, that was thanks to a review PCA gave on Panrix systems back in 2000.

Excellent service from both from PCA and Panrix.

  Stuartli 20:29 22 Apr 2006

Interesting. It apparently went into liquidation in June 2002 after being under administration in May of the previous year, when its former MD Gulberg Panesar took over.

Panesar started advertising the new business on the website of his old company and named it Panrix Technologies from May 2001.

However, I notice from your link that the About Us page is dated 2004.....

  [DELETED] 07:26 05 May 2006

Panix Computers owe me £1000, i paid by Switch Debit card & am gradually loosing hope.

  [DELETED] 17:30 26 May 2006

I have had identical problems to the people who have posted about problems with panrix. i ordered a magnum IQ 3700.... with a different monitor. i was promised numerous delivery dates when i contacted them about their failure to deliver a previously promised delivery date. i finally had enough of these false promises and fake treatment that i cancelled and wanted a refund. After two weeks of again false promises about my refund i finally contacted consumer direct. According to the Consumer Protection (Distance Selling) Regulations 2000: by they have 30 days to refund the whole amount, otherwise the are in breach. i did pay by visa debit card and will seek advice from my bank. this forum has helped me alot but could PC advisor do some sort of article as this is not just coincidence but complete professional incompetence and it must be highlighted. any advice?

  [DELETED] 15:05 27 May 2006

Your problem with panrix sounds about the same as mine (and another forum member) discussed in this thread: click here

I haven’t waited 30 days for Panrix to process my refund, I cancelled my order on a Monday, they said the refund would be processed by the end of the week, so I waited until then, big surprise no refund, so I then contacted my credit card company who are just going to process the refund. Beats waiting for panrix to do anything they promise.

I was speaking to my bank yesterday and I asked, what happens if Panrix go bust? (again). Their answer was that I would still get my money back - thank goodness for credit card protection.

I had always heard that Credit Cards was the way to go online, but until now I never truly appreciated the protection they grant.

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